Discourse 13

Discourse 13 November 14, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Majestic Presence, Infinite Creator of all there is, the "Great I

AM," visible and invisible, manifest and unmanifest! We rejoice in Thy Great and

Mighty Presence — that Thou hast made us aware of Thy Limitless Power, Thy

Infinite Intelligence, Thy Eternal Youth and Beauty. We give praise and thanks that

we have become so aware of Thy Great Opulence, Thy Great Abundance, that we

feel It like a mighty river in our hands and use, Thou Mighty Endless Source! Thou

Ceaseless Stream! Thou hast made us aware that: " 'I AM' the Mighty Power of

Precipitation." We bow before Thee in adoration and full acceptance of Thy Mighty

Presence and Power.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host; and the Great Light of the Illumined

Ones is growing rapidly stronger.


" 'I AM' the Resurrection and the Life."

" 'I AM' the Energy you use in every action."

" 'I AM' the Light, illumining every cell of your Being."

" 'I AM' the Intelligence, the Wisdom, directing

your every effort."

" 'I AM' the Substance, omnipresent, without limit, which you may use and bring

into form without any limit."

" 'I AM' Thy Strength-Thy Perfect Understand-

' „ >>


" 'I AM' Thy Ability to apply it constantly."

" 'I AM' the Truth that gives you now Perfect Freedom."

" 'I AM' the Open Doorway into the 'Light of God that never fails.' "

"I give praise I have entered into this 'Light' fully, using that Perfect


" 'I AM' Thy Sight that sees all things visible and invisible."

" 'I AM' Thy Hearing, listening to the Bells of Freedom, which I hear now."

" 'I AM' Thy Ability, sensing the most ravishing fragrance at will."

" 'I AM' the Completeness of all Perfection you ever wish to manifest."

" 'I AM' the Full Understanding, Power and Use of all this Perfection."

" 'I AM' the Full Revelation and use of all the Powers of my Being which 'I AM.' "

" 'I AM' the Love, the Mighty Motive Power back of all action."

I wish to give the most kindly warning to the

students under this Radiation to watch every feeling—that at no time anyone

accept a feeling of jealousy at the progress of another. Each student must always

remember that he has no concern whatsoever with the other students, except to

know that: " 'I AM' the God Presence there in action." For one student to wonder

and question in his own mind about the progress of another is most retarding, and

it is never admissible.

Each student must understand that his only concern is the harmonizing,

quickening, and expansion of his own mind and world. The sooner students

understand that the one imperative demand of the Great Law of their Being is

harmony of the mind and feelings, the quicker will Perfection manifest. Without

this being maintained, they cannot go beyond a certain state of progress.

As soon as the students realize this and begin to use the "I AM Presence,"

commanding the harmony and silence of the outer activity, they will find that they

can see, feel,, and be the Perfection which they so much desire. When students and

friends have a deep, sincere Love for each other which is not in- quisitiveness, that

friends have a deep, sincere Love for each other which is not in- quisitiveness, that

Love is the greatest blessing and uplifting power. Here is one criterion by which a

student may gauge himself at all times, determining what is the power acting.

If one feels critical, inquisitive or out of harmony toward a person, place,

condition or thing, it is a sure signal that the outer self is acting, and the right

attitude is to correct it immediately. Everyone, especially students, must realize

that they have only one thing to do, and that is to feel, see, and be Perfection in

their own worlds.

This is so very important is the reason I am stressing it so much at this time

—because as students begin to experience unusual manifestation through their

efforts, there is always that suggestion at first which will say to the individual: " 'I

AM' able to use the Law better than the other person." This, you know without My

saying it, is a mistake.

One cannot long use the Statement "I AM," even intellectually, until he begins to

feel a deeper and deeper conviction that: " 'I AM' all things." Think often what

these two marvelous Words mean, and always couple with the use of these two

Words the Statement that: "When I say 7 AM,' 7 AM' setting in motion the Limitless

Power of God in whatever I couple the expression 7 AM' with. " In the scriptural

Statement: "Before Abraham, was 'I AM,' " Abraham represents the outer expression

of Life, and "I AM" represents the Principle of Life which was expressing through

Abraham. Thus there was the Perfection of Life —before any manifestation ever

occurred; and thus is Life without beginning and without end.

My Beloved Students, My Heart rejoices exceedingly in the nearness with which

some of you are feeling the conviction of this Majestic Presence, "I AM," which you

are. Do your utmost to feel calmly, serenely, and if you cannot see it otherwise,

shut your eyes and see Perfection everywhere. More and more there will come to

you proof of the marvelous Presence of this Truth. You will hear, feel, see, and

experience that marvel of all marvels—which as children you have lived in

—miracles performed.

There have been written for your benefit descriptions and explanations of the use

of this "Mighty I AM Presence." You who hold fast to the Truth will come into the

threefold action: seeing, hearing and experiencing these so-called miracles

—miracles until you understand their operation, and then majestic simple Truths

which you may forever apply, when once understood.

With all My centuries of experience, I cannot help but say to you as

encouragement that My Heart leaps with joy at the nearness with which some of

you are grasping the Scepter of Dominion. Go forward, My Brave Ones. Do not

hesitate. Grasp your Scepter of Dominion! Raise It! for: " 7 AM' the Scepter, the

Quenchless Flame, the Dazzling Light, the Perfection which you once knew." Come!

Let Me hold you in My strong Embrace, that where there have been so long two,

there will only be one —"I AM." "I AM" the Knower, the Doer, the Perfection

expressed now.

I again speak to the individuals wanting so much to have their problems solved.

There is only One Presence in the Universe that can or ever does solve any

problem, and that is the "I AM Presence," everywhere present. Beloved Ones! Let

me say in all kindness, there is no use just seeking to have a problem solved,

because where one was, a dozen may appear; but when you know the Perfect

Attitude is to enter into the "I AM Presence," knowing It is the Unquestionable

Solver of every problem, you will, as surely as "I AM" telling you, cause all

problems to disappear; for where you live constantly, calmly and with sufficient

determination in the "I AM Presence," instead of having many appear where one

has been solved, you will have entered into the State where there are none.

I command the Power in these Words today to carry to everyone who hears or

reads them the True Conviction and Understanding back of them.

For the Brain: " 'I AM' the quickening of the cells of this (my or your) brain

structure, causing it to expand and receive the Intelligent Direction of the Mighty

Inner Presence."

Inner Presence."

You must know that you have the power through the "I AM Presence" to

consciously qualify your thought in whatever way you will. There is naught to say

what you shall do, for you are a Free Being of Free Will. If you could be conscious

of every thought that passed through your mind for six weeks and keep it

qualified with Perfection, you would see the most amazing results. Say often: " 'I

AM' the Master Within, governing and controlling all my thought processes in full

Christ Perfection as I wish them to be."

Blessing and holding others in the Light: When you bless others, or visualize them

in the Light, there is a double activity of the quality you send out. In doing this

there is a certain amount of protection that is the automatic result, but the

thought and quality in the Light and blessing registers principally within one's

own consciousness, and at the same time intensifies that quality in the one to

whom it is sent.

Take the eternal stand that: " 'I AM' what I want to be." You must use the "I AM

Presence" consciously always. Rarely, even among students, have they realized

deeply what the "I AM Presence" meant. Only occasionally has any real

comprehension of the "I AM" come forth —except in the Retreats of the Ascended

Masters. Jesus was the first to stress it to the outer world. I urge you earnestly, do

not give any consideration to the element of time. Manifestation must come

instantly when you give the "I AM Presence" freedom enough. Go on, apply, know,

and let the "I AM Presence" take care of the element of time.

When you make a declaration of Truth and stick to it, you must receive. The outer

has no power of itself at all. Its duty is simply to know that the "I AM Presence" is

acting. Sometimes, without being aware of it, the outer self is looking for the time

of manifestation.

I can convey to you the conviction and the feeling that when you command as the

"I AM Presence," Almighty God moves into action.

Remember at all times that when you are dealing with personalities you are dealing

with the outer human creation, and you have all right and power to command its

silence and obedience, whether it is in your own outer self or someone else's.

If you will count ten before you speak, you can control all sudden impulse, and

back of this is a Mighty Law which can help the student immensely. When there is

a sudden impulse, there is a release, or rushing forward of accumulated energy. If

there be anger, then the energy is instantly qualified with it, or with destruction of

some kind.

The power of Self-control would say: "Only God's Perfection goes forth." This will

handle any condition of uncontrolled impulses with which the individual is

contending. When the student has already let something go forth that is

undesirable, then the thing to do is to consciously consume it — instantly.

The constant use of "God bless this" directed to inanimate things brings amazing

accomplishment. The easy way to see and feel Perfection is to qualify every

thought and feeling going forth with Perfection. When an impulse comes to do

anything, instantly qualify it with Perfection.

Story of the engine in a small town: The whistle is the warning; the "I AM" is the

control of the engine.

The ordinary human being would not think of running over children and killing

them, yet he releases wrongly qualified energy in thought, feeling, and words that

kill the higher impulses in others. If your personality is not controlled and

governed, it has the same qualities as all other outer selves or personalities, but

your "I AM Presence" is the Perfect Control of it.

There is nothing more tragic in the world than for one person to hold the thought

of limitation over another human being. A thought of imperfection driven at a

sensitive person sometimes limits that one for years, and many times the results

are very tragic. We must all give everyone his complete freedom mentally. If you

speak of freedom for yourself, be sure and give it first to everyone else. When there

is a condition in another that you wish to help, use the following: " 'I AM' the

is a condition in another that you wish to help, use the following: " 'I AM' the

Perfect Manifestation there."

The principle within both energy and substance is the same. Substance holds

energy within it naturally. The heart center of substance is Intelligent Action.

Vibration in its natural state is pure, always. Vibration is energy in action and must

be qualified.

The pulsation in all substance is the "Breath of God" acting. Think when breathing:

" 'I AM' the Perfect Energy of every breath I breathe. 'I AM' the pure atmosphere of

my world."

Form the habit of constantly qualifying your world with Perfection. The old habit

of thinking imperfection has filled your world in the past. Now the important

thing is to be Self-conscious that you are filling your world with Perfection all the

time. Stand on your feet the first thing in the morning and say with feeling: " 'I

AM' the Presence filling my world with Perfection this day."

Do not be concerned about personalities.

To take the stand: " 'I AM' Perfection acting through any official" would impel the 'I

AM' Power and Action there.

The first thing in the morning, say: "I qualify everything in my world this day with

Perfection, because 'I AM' Perfection. I qualify this mind and body with Absolute

Perfection and refuse acceptance of anything else."

" 'I AM' the Miracle, and 'I AM' the Presence compelling its manifestation through

Divine Love, Wisdom and Power."

When individuals come and ask about certain use of the Law, always preface your

statement with: "You are an individual of free will, but this is the way I feel about


What is required for the expansion of the Light of one person may be entirely

different from that for someone else. You cannot expand so long as you have an

opinion about anyone else. It is stifling to your own progress. There is a time

comes with everyone when he must stand up and face himself, his outer creation,

then say this: "Whatever there is of imperfection left in me has to get out."

Your constructive desire is God in action doing the thing.

Your desire holds the Power or energy of the "I AM," through the attention on the

thing you desire to do.

" 'I AM' the Full Revelation and the Perfect Application for precipitating what I

desire, and I do know what is the Perfect Thing to do in the outer self while


Say often: " 'I AM' the precipitating 'Presence' of this thing." Do not be anxious;

just know it with calm certainty. When you are conscious of the "I AM" acting, you

know it is moving forward. Do not let in the sense of disappointment — rather,

say: " 'I AM' the Perfect Harmony of my thought, feeling and action."

BENEDICTION: Out of Thy Pure Essence, we receive now and forever Thy Strength,

Thy Wisdom, Thy Understanding Application of Thy Great and Marvelous Laws,

that we may produce and maintain Thy Perfection in each Life, mind, body, home

and world.


In a recent newsreel there have been pictured certain chemical activities and how

to use this chemical action upon flowers to qualify them with the desired

fragrance. Instead of raising them in the earth, they are growing them in water

with excelsior over the top. This shows how near the chemists and scientists are

coming to bringing things forth direct from the Universal. This shows the "Inner

Activity" coming into conscious, definite use—or the activity held in Consciously

Directed Rays.

" 'I AM' the only acting Presence in this deal."

" 'I AM' the Intelligent Activity in their minds."

" 'I AM' the Protection in myself and my property."

" 'I AM' the Intelligence and Presence acting everywhere."

" 'I AM' the Intelligence and Presence acting everywhere."

" 'I AM' the visible opulence I desire."

" 'I AM' the Presence producing abundance wherever I choose to use it."