Discourse 15

Discourse 15 November 21, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Conquering Presence, the Majesty of "I AM"

everywhere! We give praise and thanks for Thy Mighty Presence everywhere. Thy

All-Pervading Energy and Power ever stands at the door of our consciousness for

use—that We may consciously direct It to manifest Thy Wondrous Perfection.

Forever we give praise and thanks to Thee for Thy Mighty Presence. I bring you

Greetings from the Great Ascended Host, always giving Their Assistance, that you

may manifest Perfection.


Out of the glorious fullness of God's Omnipresent Light and Substance comes the

fullness of all things.

The student who is strong enough—firm enough — to stand alone with his or her

"Mighty I AM Presence," never dividing for a single hour the Presence and Power

of God, will find himself or herself steadily rising into that Mighty Perfection,

forever free from all sense or recognition of any limitation.

The student is fortunate indeed who can hold himself or herself within this

Mighty Presence

undivided. For the benefit of some of the students who are so sincere, and yet are

unknowingly allowing their attention to be withheld from that Undivided

Presence, I wish to state certain facts with no intent to intrude upon the free will

of the individual.

These records which I shall quote, We have within Our Possession, and they cover

the past one hundred years. That of which I wish to speak today is the delusion of


No one living can give his attention to astrology and enter into the "Presence of

the I AM" and remain there. Underlying the present use of astrology is the human

desire and opportunity to justify and gratify the outer desires. Here let Me state an

appalling fact which is within the records We have: there is no one thing or phase

of study which has caused more failure or more indirect murder than the present

delusion of astrology.

In your city of Chicago, within very recent years, was a splendid student of

metaphysics who, consciously accepting the delusion of his horoscope, was driven

to commit suicide.

The one thing humanity needs most, and students above all else, is the firm rock

and Consciousness of the "Mighty I AM Presence" upon which to stand safely and

free from the pitfalls of outer concoctions. It is not the negative statements of

prospective death and the so-called ill-fated star force to be overcome that students

need to know, but the "Unconquerable, All-pervading 'I AM Presence' " that is the

only and all Life of their Beings to which their attention needs to be drawn —and

held there with a firm grasp.

In the "I AM Presence" there is no height the student may not reach; but by

allowing his attention to be held by astrology, numerology, and the many isms of

today, there is no depth he may not reach.

The present use of astrology has no semblance of the use to which it was put

centuries ago. Then it conveyed no negative statements of any kind. The great

harm of the attention fixed upon it is that students accept the negative statements

far more than they are willing to admit. The sinister negative force generated by

mankind in the world always takes advantage of such things as this to get and

hold the attention, especially of the student who is progressing, and thus keep it

upon that which will pull him down instead of raising him up.

Where there is a horoscope that indicates the death of someone, various minds

become fixed upon that idea, and actual indirect murder is committed—so subtle

become fixed upon that idea, and actual indirect murder is committed—so subtle

that individuals would be shocked to be reminded that they had any part in it; but

I assure you, it is none the less the Truth, for all of their surprise.

Could the students of astrology see for one day from the Great Inner Standpoint

the destructive force generated and used through the present use of astrology, they

would turn from it as from a poisonous serpent waiting to strike death into their


I say to you beloved students, in the name of your Light and progress, and of all

progress, stand within your own "Mighty I AM Presence" and let not your attention

be held or divided by any outer thing if you wish to avoid the wheel of birth and

rebirth indefinitely.

From the Great Love of My Heart —seeing and knowing from the Inner Standpoint

as you do not and cannot possibly as yet —I urge you to avoid everything that

savors of a negative expression or condition. Then you shall rise on the Wings of

your "Mighty I AM Presence" into that Everlasting Freedom and Blessing of the

Perfect, Eternal, Limitless Light.

As I said, I do not wish in any manner to intrude upon your free will, but the Gates

of Eternal Freedom are open before you, if you will but believe the Truth I have

uttered, which will enable you to enter within these Gates and receive the Eternal

Blessing of the Light waiting there to enfold you.

If there are conditions in your Life, home or environment that you wish to be rid

of, command through the "I AM Presence" that they be dissolved and consumed

before Its Mighty Light and Power.

Beloved Students who have come under this Radiation, with you We shall not

touch upon this subject again. May the "I AM Presence" within you enable you to

see the Light and Truth of which I have spoken. I have seen within you the

Glorious Light that can be quickened into a Dazzling Radiance, enabling you to

express Perfection. Hence, of My own volition have I offered My humble

Assistance; but if the personality persists in allowing the attention to be held on

anything but the "Mighty I AM Presence"—which I know is the Mightiest and Only

Raising Presence and Solver of all problems—then My humble efforts must

necessarily be in vain.

I assure you, Dear Ones, you have reached a point where you must go up or down.

With your determined attention and acknowledgment constantly held on the

"Mighty I AM Presence," there is no condition, force or presence in earth or heaven

that can prevent your wondrous, glorious attainment into Everlasting Freedom and


If you have not That within you which causes you to feel and tells you of the Great

Divine Love that enables Me to voice this Truth to you for your protection, then We

must but wait such time as the Truth of It does appear within you.

When students and individuals have once learned of and acknowledged the

"Mighty I AM Presence" and then allow their attention to longer be held by or

upon outer things, whether it be consciously or unconsciously makes little

difference; for they are deliberately turning their backs to the "Presence," which is

the Source of their Being and the Life within them that enables them to move their

bodies about. I declare with all the Love of My Being that: "I AM the Presence"

enabling you to see and feel this Truth and stand by and within It—for the sake of

your own wondrous progress.

Those who will hold steadfast enough to that Mighty Presence will find abundant

proof coming into their experience of Its Limitless Power and Intelligence.

Beloved Students! Many Hands of the Ascended Host are extended to you to give

Their Assistance when you can hold your undivided attention on the Active

Presence of God in you, and stand there unyielding to the pull of all outer


"Truth is Mighty and does prevail." May you feel Its Majestic Presence at all times.

It is a mistake on the part of the student to feel disappointment because a certain

thing he has worked on does not manifest instantly, when as yet, he has not

thing he has worked on does not manifest instantly, when as yet, he has not

generated great enough power and activity to produce it that quickly. The

attention must always be on the "I AM" only.

Suppose I were to declare: " I AM' the Mighty 'I AM Presence' in Action," and then

an hour later I allowed my attention to be fixed on a star in a so- called adverse

aspect to Me, or an outer condition that indicates disaster of some kind. Do you not

see how that would annul the Statement I had made which

would liberate the Power of Freedom?

Jesus said: "Ye cannot serve two masters." This means that you cannot divide the

attention—for you must stop, look, and listen. I tell you, you cannot make steady

progress if you give power to anything but your "Mighty I AM Presence." The

unfortunate thing with so many students is that they do not hold long and steadily

enough to the Mighty Truth of their Being to gain momentum and strength

enough to stand against the pull of suggestion and outer appearance.

The strange thing to Me is that when the students' attention has been once drawn

to the All-Power of the "I AM Presence"—which is the Only Active Principle of Life

they have, God in Action within and about them—they cannot or do not see that

they are dividing the power when the attention is fixed on outer things, and but

delaying the magnificent activity and accomplishment which the "I AM Presence"

would otherwise bring forth. However, having gone through the mill, so to speak,

We have Infinite Patience to wait until the beloved student can grasp his Scepter of

Dominion of this "Mighty I AM Presence" and hold it.

I could bring you records of the most appalling things done through the suggestion

of astrology. Crimes are committed every week of the year by the suggestions

given out through it. The suggestion given sets the Law into action to accomplish

  1. When your

attention is on a thing, the power within yourself goes instantly into it.

If the astrologers do not stop holding the thought

of death against.......she will pass out. It is criminal! .......is a child of God and is

entitled to live here as

long as is decreed. I shall do what I am permitted to........protect There are

crimes so much worse than

physical murder that there is no comparison—because they are committed

deliberately by people who know better than to do them. There is one certain,

unfailing Action of the Law, and that is that those who do these things must pay

the penalty of a like experience.

To negative suggestions from others say: " 'I AM' the Presence,' annulling all this, so

it cannot affect me, my home or world." It is the easiest thing in the world to

consciously dissipate something that is voiced in your presence. Simply say: " 'I

AM' the only Presence acting here."

To anything you do not wish to continue say: "Through the Presence that 'I AM,'

this thing shall cease, now and forever." Go after it like you were going to knock

over a wall. When you really feel and mean a thing, you loose the power that does

the thing. Try to realize the Limitless Power at your command.

In the feeling is both sight and hearing, because we can both hear and see without

using the faculties of sight and hearing.

When one becomes instantly angry, he punctures

other spheres of that quality and the accumulation rides in. Jealousy is the wideopen

channel upon which every other destructive activity rides in. When things

are done consciously, they have much more power. When the energy is released, it

acts, because the individual has set it into motion—and it makes no difference

whether he be king or chimney sweep.

When the feelings are excited, they are accepting that instant. You can sit and

listen to destructive conversation unaffected, so long as you control the feeling at

the solar plexus. There cannot a thing enter your world—unless it be invited.

No good ever came of gambling........at one time

had a most wonderful power and influence about her. She began to play the

had a most wonderful power and influence about her. She began to play the

market, and not only lost the power, but her money as well. Is it not better to

stand with your "I AM Presence" than with a gambling channel? Anything that gets

your attention is a subtle activity of the outer to pull you away from your Freedom.

For financial Freedom: " 'I AM' the riches of God flowing into my hands and use

that nothing can stop."

Say often: "The 'Presence I AM' governs every existing channel in manifestation. It

governs all."

A student's experience: The student had heard and seen an explosion of Light while

the physical body was asleep. If she had consciously said when she heard the

explosion: "I draw into my mind and body the Strength of the Light Explosion," she

would have received its benefit. The Light was the liberating of certain Powers for

her use. In such experiences, the important thing for the student to do is to be

alert, and in every manifestation, be conscious of the in- drawing of Its Power.

Rejoice that it is the Mighty Power of the "I AM Presence" acting, giving Its

Strength and Power to you.

Command the outer memory to retain and bring into the outer consciousness

everything you desire to know. When you use the "I AM Presence," you have set the

Law into action, and It cannot fail.

God does not act except through the consciousness of individuals, else He would

not have them here. God can only act in the physical world through His

Individualizations, and even all nature is governed by Individual Intelligence —the

ground, the plants, and all.

There is omnipresent all the force and energy needed for a given purpose when

loosed by the "I AM Presence." Thus, through the use of the "I AM Presence," you

can release Power of which as yet you have no conception.

During the war when Foch said: "They shall not pass," he loosed the Power by

which that Decree was fulfilled. He had been in prayer for more than an hour, and

when he came out he was so charged with

God's Energy that as he uttered the command, it became the Governing Presence in

the atmospheric condition about him, and God acted. The words "They shall not

pass" form a Decree. It is dynamic, powerful, real, and looses tremendous power.

There is only One Power that acts. Give It full Freedom.

Stand with IT and let IT act. Stand in IT and by IT. There is no other power to act.

This makes steady progress, like a glacier coming down the mountain. You are

steadily moving forward and gaining a momentum against which nothing else can

stand. It is an Infallible Momentum, Power, and Means of achievement of all good

things. There is no permanent dominion except in this way.

For cleanliness, use frequently: " 'I AM the Presence' here, keeping my clothes and

home perfectly spotless." After a time the force becomes so powerful that it

instantly consumes or repels anything not wanted. The more you consciously act

upon a thing, the more concentrated it becomes.

When you say: "The Presence that 'I AM,' charge

this........with........ " you can charge the water so

powerfully that it boils with the power of the energy there. Do not let anything

question in your mind as to whether your command worked or not.

Whenever commanding, say: "I know it is acting with Full Power."

Know—what the "I AM" means!

Know—what It is to you!

Know—what It can do!

Get this and hold fast with unyielding determination.

Within these students there is the strength and power to do this, and if they will

stand with this "Mighty I AM Presence," great Assistance can and will be given.

BENEDICTION: Mighty All-Pervading Intelligence! We invoke Thy Mighty Wisdom,

governing our every activity. We invoke Thy Mighty Light illumining each one in

the fullness of Its Dazzling Presence. We invoke Thy Mighty Love to enfold all in Its

the fullness of Its Dazzling Presence. We invoke Thy Mighty Love to enfold all in Its

Mantle of Peace. We invoke Thy Mighty Power, that Love, Wisdom, and Power may

act in Perfect Unity, that It perfects all things upon which our attention has

become fixed.