Discourse 16

Discourse 16 November 24, 1932





INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Wondrous Presence! We give praise and thanks for

Jesus Christ's Presence today. We rejoice in the Fullness of the Christ Activity, the

Active Presence of God.

Out of the Fullness of this Presence comes pouring, like a mighty stream gushing

forth from the mountains, the Energy of Illumination. This Great and Mighty

Stream of Life, with all its attributes of Perfection surging into the hearts of

mankind, is anchoring in everyone Peace, Love, Harmony, Faith, and Charity to all.

Thou Mighty Presence, Infinite Love, enfolding all mankind! Give special notice to

these earnest students who have come under this Radiation. Give every Assistance

that is permissible. Strengthen them to stand unwaveringly in the Light and face

the Truth, joyously willing to pluck out of their lives and creation all undesirable


Fill all official places with Mighty Messengers of Light! Sustain them by Thy Mighty

Ascended Host, that they may be strong enough to stand unwavering and

successful before any sinister force.

We give praise and thanks for this day as an uplifting and wonderful memory

established in the consciousness of mankind. May that rapidly approaching time

come when every day may be a thanksgiving in the hearts of mankind for Thy

Light ever enfolding all who wish it. I bring you Greetings from the Ascended Host

and Jesus himself.


The First Principle of activity from the Godhead is projection, or precipitation.

Therefore, Its nature is to project, or precipitate Itself.

The first activity is the divided Rays going forth into individualization, into visible

expression. When I speak of individual, or visible expression, I use that term

because of the physical activity, not that it is not always visible, because it is; but

to those in the physical form, I speak of it as visibility.

Thus you will see the nature of your Being as Rays of Light, and who you are as the

Natural Quality of Life which you so much desire at this time. The day is rapidly

approaching when many, many students will begin to use the Light Rays of which

they are a part —

especially the Ray of Vision and Sound.

Even in your physical world today there are being discovered means of producing

and uses of these Rays. These are strange activities—I say strange to the visible

activity, but natural always to the Inner Presence. The manner of using these Rays

at present is crude, it is true; but it will require only another step to take them

through the veil.

The Power of the "I AM Presence" and Intelligence to use these Rays will always

remain infinitely more powerful than any mechanical contrivance by which they

are used. However, to the student who has not yet found his ability to use these

Rays, the scientist's experience will be of wondrous encouragement to know the

amazing Truth of the individual's ability to use them.

Here it is important to know that there are Natural Rays penetrating through all

the atmosphere, or etheric belt within the earth's atmosphere. When I say natural, I

mean those Rays projected from the Godhead, or Great Central Sun, which in

recent years, shall I say within a few years, have been made permanent.

Then there are the Created Rays, created and projected by the Ascended Host—by

Those who have raised the body. The latter are the most potent of all Rays because

Those who have raised the body. The latter are the most potent of all Rays because

they are consciously manipulated.

The Rays the scientists are contacting are the

Natural Rays, having a certain natural potency.

The great need, as stated in The Magic Presence, is the preparation of earnest

students who can be raised and taught the use of these Rays. There are those

among you who can do this, and as they are prepared with a determined

steadfastness to the Light, they will have more and more of the Law revealed to

them concerning the use of these potent Forces.

I feel a very great joy in the possibilities before you and your students. I trust they

can find within themselves the strength and steadfast determination to hold fast to

the outer and Inner Work that is being done for them—with a joyous feeling of

sureness of the Limitless Powers which true Freedom brings.

I have from time to time endeavored to give a word of encouragement, and

through that, enfold them in the Radiation of Strength which is fearless and

dauntless in the Light. The loving, joyous stillness in the attitude of the students is

wonderfully encouraging, for the expectant attitude is the right attitude to be


I would suggest that those who have been having unpleasant experiences would

consciously withdraw from those conditions all power they have been giving them,

mostly unknowingly. When it is necessary to discuss some condition to understand

it, immediately follow by withdrawing any power that has been given it, and then

know: " 'I AM' the

Harmonious Presence, ever pervading whatever the condition may be."

As I have intimated before, and it has only partially reached through, I will repeat

it again: Anyone, especially the student, who has experienced inharmony or

limitation in his mind, home, or world, can, with persistent, tensionless effort, by

holding with determination to the following Statement, keep his home clear of

anything undesirable: " 'I AM' the Governing Presence, governing in Perfect Divine

Order, commanding Harmony, Happiness, and the Presence of God's Opulence in

my mind, my home, and my world."

When I say: " 'I AM' the Governing Presence," "I AM" fully, consciously aware that I

have set in motion the Full Power and Intelligence of God producing the desired

conditions, and that they are thus Self-sustained.

It seems to me that it has not been clearly understood that when you use the

expression: " 'I AM the Presence' in my mind, home, and world," you are not only

commanding the Conquering Presence of this activity through your own

consciousness, but you are calling forth the Assistance of the "I AM, " or God

Presence, into your home and world, of whomever contacts it.

This is so vital for the student to understand. Do not be discouraged if you do not

see immediate manifestation of this harmony which you desire, but go right on

feeling the "Conquering I AM Presence. " Do you not see that in this Consciousness,

there is no other Presence to act, except what you are conscious of? All other

activity of the outer which is undesirable is but a distorted activity and use of this

Mighty Energy. Therefore, when you say: " 'I AM the Conquering Presence'! I

command this 'I AM Presence' to govern perfectly my mind, home, affairs and

world," you have sent forth the greatest Decree possible to be given; and you have

but to feel the Sustaining Power of this in the face of every appearance until you

find Perfection manifest in your mind, home and world.

I wish the students would read this particular part every day to keep before them

the Mighty Truth underlying these Statements.

Now we come to a vital point, and that is the Personal Ray or Rays sent forth by

Jesus direct. Many will ask, why especially Jesus? I answer, because humanity has

been taught to look to the Presence of Jesus the Christ, few having any knowledge

at all of the Ascended Host of the Great Masters of the Great White Brotherhood

who wield limitless Power to assist mankind.

You and your students will have, for the next seven weeks, the Personal Ray of

You and your students will have, for the next seven weeks, the Personal Ray of

Jesus the Christ. Those who can put aside any thought of other personalities and

with open arms, mentally speaking, welcome these Rays into each one's mind,

home and world, will find almost anything possible.

I assure all of you that the idea of these Personal Rays of Jesus the Christ is no

imaginary thing; and you, Our Beloved Messenger, have the personal thanks of

Jesus the Christ for your fearless stand and use of the Ascended Jesus Christ


As the Messenger gives forth riches of Wisdom and Truth, so should students, in

their loving sincerity to the teacher, through the "I AM Presence," work for the

health and prosperity of the Messengers. This would open doors to the students

not otherwise possible.

There are indications at this time that during the next seven weeks revelations may

be given to some of a certain use of Liquid Light. I wish the students' attention to

be fixed on this so that those who are ready may receive. Here let Me say that the

right attitude of the student is always to rejoice at the advancement of his or her

brother or sister, for each individual receives that which is most needed at the

time, and if one receives one thing, another may receive something else. So the

student should at no time feel that he should have the same thing that someone

else receives. (I mean in regard to revelation.) As no two are alike or of the same

state of advancement, you can see how they could not each receive the same thing

at the same time.

The most wonderful attitude of the student is to continually bless and rejoice at

any revelation that comes to his fellow students, thus keeping the door wide open

to that glorious Inner Presence at all times.

For the encouragement of those interested in aerial transport, I wish to say there is

nearing the approach of planes that will be proof against accident. These will make

transportation quick, sure, and easy anywhere one wishes to go. The obstructive

mental attitude of those interested in aerial navigation which has been opposing

the coming forth of this much needed knowledge is rapidly being broken down,

until there will come forth a flood, so to speak, of wonderful ideas and Perfection,

which can and will be used in this wonderful means of transportation. Many of

you will not need them—but there are always those who do—for one's own aerial

equipment within him will always far excel any outward conveyance, for the

Higher Body is the most wonderful vehicle of aerial transportation there is.

' Some of my argumentative friends may suggest that this vehicle is not able to

carry great loads, but I say to them, how shall ye judge —until ye are able to use

this means? It is most amusing to watch the activity of so-called practical minds

who feel that there is nothing real except what they can feel and handle; but

unless one believes in the Limitless Powers and

Laws of Intelligence of God Individualized, he can in no-wise receive to any great

extent from this Mighty Inner Presence.

The practical mind that forever doubts a thing it cannot see has a long way to go

unless, as you lop off the undesirable limb of a tree, this limb of doubt be cut off.

You know, it is a good idea, after it has been cut off, for you to consume it in the

Consuming Flame—that it does not come back again. It seems so difficult for the

student to realize what a tremendous Power the Consciousness of this Consuming

Presence is.

To some it is difficult to get away from the thought that It is imaginary, but could

you see from the Inner standpoint, you would see that It has a Mighty Presence

and Power, and is very Real.

I wish you for about two minutes to feel this Dazzling Ray of Light penetrating

every atom of your Being.

There should be splendid accomplishment during the next seven weeks. The

reaching out of humanity as Christmastime draws near, with the already added

impetus of the Christ-Force, enables accomplishments to take place at this time

which have not before been possible.

which have not before been possible.

There are certain activities which must be contacted by the Inner Presence before

the outer attention can be drawn to them. This is hard for the student to

understand. The student must first reach out, and he can only reach out through

his Inner Presence.

A simple but very wonderful thing is for one to give praise every night and

morning for that magnificent Presence of Life which animates the mind and body.

It is a tremendous thing to feel deeply this thanksgiving for the Presence of Life

which holds within Itself all things. Just be grateful to Life for all It is and contains.

The very Presence of Life enables Us to do the things we are conscious of and

desire to do, because we cannot move without this Presence. We cannot even think

without It.

If one would take this Statement: " 'I AM the Presence' thinking through this mind

and body," he would receive some very remarkable ideas.

The brain is the first point where obstruction begins to register, because that is the

point of contact with wrong ideas. Wrong ideas register most quickly and

intensely in the brain structure because that is the field of atomic activity.

However, the attention held upon the "I AM Presence" so releases the Power of the

Perfection, which is within the electron at the center of the atom, that the wrong

ideas and obstruction to the Light simply dissolve and disappear.

  1. Don: Where are you going?
  2. Saint Germain: To the Golden City.

From this time on, until three weeks after New

Year's Day, it is a time of great rejoicing in the Golden City, for it gives a great

opportunity to convey into the physical world, through the Light and Sound Rays,

Its own Mighty Radiance. If humanity could understand and appreciate this fact,

remarkable things could take place; but that does not prevent individuals who can

grasp It from receiving Its remarkable benefit.

The very simple thing, if students could only understand and apply it, is to

absolutely keep the mind off every personality and know only: " 'I AM' the only

Presence there." It would open the doors—oh so wide!

Love, and a reaching out to an Ascended Being, enable Radiation to be given that

would not otherwise be possible.

One cannot long interfere with the progress or growth of another, for if the one

obstructing does not release and relax his hold upon the other who is ready to go

higher, the obstructing one will be removed by his own action. If one continues to

hold steadfast and sincerely to the Light, personalities will be swept aside, or

harmoniously disconnected from the individual's world.

At this state of growth, or rather, expansion of the Light, it is necessary to know: "

'I AM' the Active Presence of all channels of distribution of all things acting for my

good." When the thought comes, "This is all I have," nip it in the bud and say: " 'I

AM' the opulence of God in my hands and use today." This is the time to stamp it

right out of your mind and feelings.

This must be held as a Sacred Silence within each individual. Take this as a sacred,

reverent Knowledge to be used. When you take from the "I AM" Self, it is

impossible for you to take anything from any personality which rightfully belongs

to that one. You are decreeing for your world, so you cannot take from anyone

when knowing your own Law: "I AM the Presence" acting everywhere. There is no

possibility of division of the "I AM Presence."

If you need money, say: " 'I AM' the Active Presence, bringing this money into my

hands and use instantly." It is so important to get away from the importance of

money. It is but a means of exchange. Do not give it power. Put all your power

back with God, and then when you command—no matter what it is you want —you

have all power instantly on hand to bring forth the fulfillment of your Decree.

The vibration within any element is always the Breath of God, Eternally Selfsustained.

All pulsation is the Breath of God. The simple consciousness that: " 'I AM

the Presence' of Perfect Health" is this Breath of God acting." 'I AM the Presence' of

the Presence' of Perfect Health" is this Breath of God acting." 'I AM the Presence' of

forgiveness in the mind and heart of every one of God's children." This releases

enormous vibratory action after its kind. Hold the following with vividness: " 'I

AM' the Pure Mind of God."

BENEDICTION: Thou Infinite, Mighty, Personal Presence, Jesus Christ! We give

praise and thanks for Thy Radiance, for Thy Intelligent Rays, for Thy Qualifying


We give praise and thanks that we are conscious of that Special Radiance at this

time; and that we may, through the loving open door of our consciousness, receive

of Its Mighty Presence.