Discourse 20

Discourse 20 December 08, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Invincible "I AM Presence"! Speak Thyself into the

hearts of the children of men! Fill their hearts and minds to overflowing with the

Magnificence of Thy Presence, with the conscious strength to look to Thee and

know Thee as "the One," the Mighty, Eternal Source of all things by which the

consciousness of mankind is sustained. Make them to know Thy Great Ownership,

that it is Thee alone who art the Owner and Giver of all things, that they may thus

manifest unselfishly one to the other. We thank Thee.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, who are ever pouring Their Radiant

Presence into your lives.


It is with great rejoicing that the many who have been observant of this

accomplishment see how truly the students are entering into the "Mighty I AM

Presence"; and how the things that have been disturbing are being dissolved and

are dropping away as though they never had been.

Beloved Students, can you realize how great Our Rejoicing is? We have trod the

pathway of attainment into that Great Freedom of Mastery over all limitation. We

rejoice to see you entering into this Presence which, if maintained, will bring you

certainly and surely to this same Freedom. It is only when the outer becomes

sufficiently obedient, giving all power to the Great Inner Presence, that one finds

peace and rest in this Mighty Acknowledgment.

In that peace and rest flows a Mighty River of Energy, like a mountain stream

flowing through a fertile valley, lined with flowers and perfect vegetation.

So in the Peace that passeth understanding do you move more and more, finding

that Eternal River of Energy flowing into and through your Being, spreading its

blessing and opulence into your Life and experience everywhere you go.

While it is true that the intelligence is the channel through which you must

receive, yet as you feel with deep sincerity the Truth of the "I AM Presence," you

will find the stillness becoming greater and greater, until one day: "Thou shalt see

the door of thy creation open wide before thee, and thou shalt step forth with

open arms into that Freedom, inhaling the Fragrance of the Pure Atmosphere of

the Etheric World, wherein thou wilt be able to mold that plastic substance into

the Perfection of everything upon which thy desire is held."

You are making such splendid progress; do not let any fear of persons, places,

conditions or things interrupt or disturb you, for the "Presence of the Light" stands

before you, beckoning you on, that you may be held in Its fond embrace, receiving

of Its boundless riches of every description which It holds in store for you.

I shall now say something which may seem astonishing, but I assure you, it is very

true. Last night as the question was asked—had you all been together before—I wish

to say that it would not have been possible for you to have been drawn into this

intensified Action of the Great Inner Law if you had not previously had

harmonious association and training. While it may be difficult at first for you to

comprehend it, you are receiving intensified training which heretofore has only

been given after a three year probation in the Retreat. Some of you have stored-up

treasures of Energy. I mean by that, energy created by your conscious activity

through your "I AM Presence." Others have stored-up treasures of Light. Again,

others have treasures of Love. Others have gold and jewels which were placed in

keeping to be used in this embodiment. Several of you are on the point of releasing

into visibility—into your hands —these stored-up treasures. Do not think I have

gone into fancy daydreaming, but I am calling this to your attention for your

benefit and blessing.

I wish each one of you to go by yourselves sometime during the day for at least

I wish each one of you to go by yourselves sometime during the day for at least

five minutes and talk to your "I AM Presence" something like this: "Great Masterful

Presence which 'I AM'! I love, I adore Thee. I give back unto Thee the fullness of all

Creative Power, all Love, all Wisdom, and through this Power which Thou art, I

give Thee full power to make visible in my hands and use the fulfillment of my

every desire. I no longer claim any power as my own, for I now claim Thee, the

Only and All-Conquering Presence in my home, my Life, my world and my

experience. I acknowledge Thy Full Supremacy and Command of all things; and as

my consciousness is fixed upon an achievement, Your Invincible Presence and

Intelligence takes command and brings the fulfillment into my experience quickly

—even with the speed of thought.

"I know that Thou art ruler over time, place and space. Therefore, Thou requirest

only now to bring into the visible activity Thy every Perfection. I stand absolutely

firm in the full acceptance of this, now and forever, and I shall not allow my mind

to waver from it, for at last, I know we are One."

Beloved Students, you may add or weave into this anything else you wish for your

requirement; and I assure you, if you can live in this—and I shall endeavor to help

you do so—you will experience the opening of the floodgates of God's Abundance.

I think here that I should explain to you: the most important, the most desirable

thing that anyone can do is to fix within his or her mind the one, permanent

necessity, and that is to keep at it until one reaches so deeply and firmly into this

"Mighty I AM Presence," that all Love, Light, Good and Riches flow into his Life and

experience by an Inner Propelling Power that naught of outer personalities may at

any time, anywhere, ever interfere with.

This is the object of true training. This is why students were brought into the

Retreats as they could be found ready, or sufficiently progressed, because, as I have

said before, it is easy enough to solve your problems as they come along; but I ask

you, what good does it do to continue to solve problems unless you have

something, somewhere, to which you can anchor that raises you above the

consideration of any problem?

To find your "I AM Presence" and anchor to It is the only desirable thing to do.

Until you come to this point of firm anchorage to your "Great I AM Presence," of

course it is necessary to solve your problems as they come along; but how much

better it is to enter in and set free that Mighty Presence, Energy and Action which

has already solved the problems before they appear to you. Is this not more

acceptable than to awaken every morning and find these problems coming up

—staring you in the face —as though they were something really important, which,

after all, they are not? Yet I am sure you will agree with Me that some of them or

at least your outer sense about them, is that they are tremendously ponderous.

With your glorious obedience to the Divine Principle of created Beings, you shall

move along the pathway with your Armor of Invincible Protection buckled on,

until the intensity of the very Light that you enter into will no longer require the


Is this not worth all the effort it takes to accomplish it, that you may ever move in

this Glorious Freedom? Then when you awaken in the morning, you will no longer

find these visitors appear.

As I have spoken these Words, I have held you, each one, in the Searchlight of my

Vision, even without your permission, so that when you hear these Words you will

feel the Inner Conviction of them with a strength which will delight you.

When critical or disturbing thoughts try to find entrance into your consciousness,

slam the door quickly and command them to be gone forever. Do not give them a

chance, nor time to gain a foothold, remembering always that you have the

Strength and the sustaining Power of the "Mighty I AM Presence" to do this. Should

you have difficulty in holding the door shut, talk to your "I AM Presence" and say:

"See here! I need help! See that the door to this disturbance is closed, and kept

closed forever."

I want you to get fixed in your consciousness that you can talk to your "I AM

I want you to get fixed in your consciousness that you can talk to your "I AM

Presence" the same as you could talk to Me, believing that I had Limitless Power,

because I tell you, it is no idle comment when I say you can cause this Mighty

Presence to handle every condition in your entire experience and raise you into Its

Freedom and Dominion of all things.

As some of you have already reached into the activity of the Universal Substance, I

want to call the attention of all of you to the fact that the substance of your bodies

and this substance, seeming to be invisible about you, is immensely sensitive to

your conscious thought and feeling—by which you can mold it into any form you


The substance of your body can, by your conscious thought and feeling, be molded

into the most exquisite beauty of form—your eyes, hair, teeth, and skin made

dazzling with radiant beauty. This should be very encouraging to the ladies, and I

am sure will be to the gentlemen, only they do not like to admit it. Beloved

Brothers and Sisters, when you look into the mirror, say to that which you see

there: "Through the Intelligence and Beauty which 'I AM,' I command you to take

on Perfect Beauty of form, for 'I AM' that Beauty in every cell of which you are

composed. You shall respond to my command and become radiantly beautiful in

every way, in thought, word, feeling and form. 'I AM' the Fire and Beauty of your

eyes, and I carry forth this Radiant Energy into everything into which I look." Thus

you can cause to come into appearance the Perfection which will give you all the

encouragement you want, to know that " 'I AM' always the Governing Presence."

I wish to say to you who desire your forms to become more symmetrical: start your

hands at the shoulders, and bring them down over the body to the feet, feeling the

Perfection or symmetry of the form you wish. Through your hands will go the

energy or quality which you desire to manifest. If you will try this with deep,

earnest feeling, you will be amazed at the result. This is the greatest reducer in the

world. This, I assure you will cause the flesh, as it comes into more beautiful

symmetry and Perfection, to become firm and yet supple in every way, because you

are sending the energy of the " I AM Presence" through these cells, causing them to

obey your command. This may sound ridiculous, but I tell you, it is one of the best,

surest and most perfect ways to bring about the Perfection of the body. I tell you,

anyone who will practice this will bring the body into any condition that one


I want the students to get the fullness of the idea that they are masters of their

forms, their minds and their worlds, and can inject into them whatsoever they

wish. The Pure and Perfect Life of God is flowing through you every instant; why

not switch off the old design and switch on the new? Do you not see how

important it is to perfect the body?

What can the Inner Presence do with a body that is sick or out of harmony all the

time? When this is the case, the attention becomes so fixed upon the body that the

"I AM Presence" cannot get the attention but a little part of the time. It is so easy,

if you will but do it. With this treatment of the flesh with the energy of the "I AM

Presence," it becomes firm and Perfect.

The reason I speak of this with such deep, earnest feeling today is because I see the

change and improvement in almost everyone; and by special conscious attention

directed to this, how much more quickly will each be brought into the Perfection

which he desires.

When an individual has an abnormal abdomen, and anything that is more than

straight is abnormal, he should raise the left hand in this position, palm up, move

the right hand in a rotary motion over the abdomen, moving from left to right.

Each time the hand passes over it, feel deeply the absorbing activity.

The quick charge of energy through the hand goes into the cells, contracting and

reducing them into a normal condition. I assure you this Instruction is no idle

fancy, but is of tremendous import, and It will accomplish the purpose for which

It is used, absolutely without question—if applied with earnest feeling.

The consciousness, of course, should be that the energy flowing through the right

The consciousness, of course, should be that the energy flowing through the right

hand is the All- Powerful, Absorbing Presence, consuming the unnecessary cells and

bringing the body into a perfect, normal condition.

This will not only adjust the abnormal size of the abdomen, but will penetrate

through the form, charging the intestinal activity with a cleansing, purifying

process which will be of inestimable benefit. Those who have found the activity of

those organs lazy will find them quickened into normal action. I assure you that

the ladies will not need to use rolling pins or roll on the floor; also I assure you the

ladies are not the only ones who use rolling pins.

The unfortunate, almost appalling condition is that individuals, having within

them this Mighty God Presence, will give every imaginable power to outside things

to produce results within and upon themselves, when whatever remedial agent

they use, whether exercise, drugs, or anything else, has little effect, if any—except

the quality and power they have consciously given these agents. This treatment

acts upon the cells wherever they are, be they bones or flesh.

How prone the outer mind is to question the ability of this Inner Self to handle

any part of the body. If It will handle one kind of a cell, It will handle all.

Make the outer accept the Full Power of the Inner Presence, and thus let It expand

into use in all things.

The outer mind, through long habit, has given enormous power to drugs and

remedial agents of every kind; but do you not see that the only thing that does it is

the power and authority you give it to have an effect upon your body? I do not

mean for a single instant that individuals who have not become aware of the "I AM

Presence" should cease all remedial agents; but if they will fix in their minds firmly

that no outer thing has any power in their experience, except what they give it,

they will begin to rise out of the limitations into which they have placed

themselves. Here let me say that ninety percent of the power given to outer things

is unconsciously given, and even most students are not aware of it.

Now to turn about and give this Great God Presence within you all power to do

the things you require and wish to do will accomplish them with a speed and

certainty far beyond what any outside remedial agent could do. Some will grasp

this idea with tremendous tenacity, while others will require more effort; but it is

surely worthwhile making any effort to accomplish it.

Remember, the "I AM Presence" knows all things for all eternity, in all ways—past,

present and future—without limit. If the student would think of this Great

Presence, contemplate It, and know that

It is all Love, Wisdom and Power, then when he fixes his attention on something to

be accomplished, he knows this Presence is the open door, the All-powerful

accomplishment, and It cannot fail.

Call on the Law of Forgiveness, and direct the energy of the Master Self to correct

and adjust the wrong, and in that way, obtain freedom from its reaction. You see,

My Dear People, that there is so much unnecessary power given to the outer

activity and stress of things which the "I AM Presence" cares absolutely nothing

about. It is at no time concerned with the mistakes of the outer self. If the

individual but understood that he could turn away from all these discordant

activities and give the "Master I AM Presence" Within all authority and power to

dissolve and dissipate the wrong condition, he could never in any way feel the

reactions from his wrongdoing.

When the individual allows himself or herself to continue to criticize, condemn or

judge another of his fellow beings, he is not only injuring the other person, but is

unknowingly admitting into his own experience the very element that he is seeing

wrong in the other person. The true understanding of this will make it easy for

individuals to forever cease such undesirable activity—when they know that it is

for their own protection.

Let us put it in another way. Whatever the conscious attention is fixed firmly upon,

that quality is impelled into the experience of the individual. Whatever an

individual sees with deep feeling within another individual, he forces into his own

individual sees with deep feeling within another individual, he forces into his own

experience. This is the indisputable proof of why the only desirable feeling to be

sent out from any individual is the Presence of Divine Love—and I mean by that,

Pure, Unselfish Love.

Students ofttimes wonder why they have so many conditions in their experience to

handle as they become more and more sensitive. It is because they see an

appearance which they have been taught to know is not real, and by allowing their

attention to become fixed upon it, they not only invite, but force it into their own

worlds, and then have a battle in order to clean house. This can be avoided by

instantly taking the attention off the appearance and knowing: " 'I AM,' 'I AM,' I

KNOW 'I AM' free from this thing forever —no matter what it is."

This all comes, of course, from a lack of Self-control in the individual, or an

unwillingness to use that Self- control to govern the outer. There are these two

distinct conditions with students: one is willing enough to make the effort, but

unknowingly allows his attention to become fixed on the undesirable things. The

other one, through a quality of stubbornness, is unwilling to make the necessary

effort to conquer it.

No teacher should at any time hold a thought of criticism about any student, for if

he does, he will invite that same criticism unto himself. If students get the right

idea about this, they will stop it for their own protection.

If one keeps silently seeing a discrepancy in another, it is even worse than the

spoken word, for it allows the force to accumulate. When discrepancies are forced

upon your attention, simply say to your "I AM Presence": "There is the 'I AM

Presence' within that person, and with the human I am not concerned." It matters

not whether it is a person or inanimate object, the moment you see an

imperfection, you are forcing that quality into your own experience. This is so

important, it cannot be stressed enough.

Your first consideration should always be to your own Divine Self — adoration to It

always. This gives you the opportunity and strength to rise to the height where you

can give help to thousands, where now it can only be to a few.

No amount of service can be of any permanent benefit unless the individual first

accepts and gives adoration to his own Divine Self, the "Mighty I AM Presence."

Those who want to serve the Light and really do good should understand this


When students say: "If I only had the money, what good I could do," it is exactly

the reverse thing that they ought to do. If one will enter into the "I AM Presence,"

he will have all the money he wants, and it cannot be kept away from him.

Take the stand with everyone: "There is only the

'I AM Presence' acting there in that person."

It is much better not to touch upon a thing than to give an insufficient


All outer experience is but a discipline. For those who are coming into this Work,

the present training is really a finishing school or experience; and that is why

some of them feel it is a little strenuous. All the Ascended Host feel with great Joy

the Love and gratitude poured out to Them, and of course They respond almost

without limit.

" 'I AM' is all there is, everywhere present, visible and invisible."

The consciousness most needed for each individual will come from time to time as

the students continue in the use of this. Do not let yourselves strain after things.

Just take the calm, certain attitude of the Ascension. Calmly, quickly, lovingly

accept It, and just Be. This avoids tension. Nothing is more powerful than this.

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, All-Pervading, Infinite Presence, "I AM"! We give forth

our Gratitude to Thee that we have found Thee, that we acknowledge Thee, the All-

Powerful Creator, making Thyself fully visible in our every need, in our full

Illumination, in our full Mastery and Dominion over all outer things. We thank

Thee that Thou art the All-Pervading Presence, and that Thou dost, with Thy

Thee that Thou art the All-Pervading Presence, and that Thou dost, with Thy

Strength and Wisdom, impel Thy Perfection everywhere.