Discourse 26

Discourse 26 December 29, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Infinite Presence! All-Enfolding Love! Infinite in Thy

Activity, gracious in Thy Loving Power, we salute Thee heart to heart, face to face,

pouring forth eternal gratitude for the outpouring of Thy Mighty Energy, for the

use of Thy Directing Wisdom, for the Presence of Thy Opulence in our homes and

use. We acclaim ourselves that active part of Thee, Self-conscious of Thy Divinity,

maintaining every hour Thy Supreme Command. I bring you Greetings from the

Great Host who minister, and who watch all activity.


We all rejoice exceedingly in the wondrous, loving presence of the students—for

the great harmony, joy, and accomplishment that has been attained.

How mighty that Miracle-Working Presence, "I AM," can and will manifest Its

Dominion if such a wonderful state is maintained; and I tell you with no

uncertainty, it can be maintained, ever growing greater and greater in the

comprehension of that God Presence in Its Supreme Power of Divine Love.

Every student should remember with definite certainty that in this Quickening

Power of the "I AM Presence" within his Being, everything good or otherwise is

stirred into action. If there is latent within the consciousness: rebellion,

resentment, or the inclination to judge, it means that all this will be stirred and

brought to the surface to be consumed; and I tell you with no uncertainty, unless

the student consciously consumes that which is brought forth to the surface, it

will consume him. If one finds himself becoming irritated, he should seize the

reins, and issuing the command through the "I AM Presence," declare that this be

governed harmoniously. Here let Me again remind the students that the greatest

thing in their progress is Self-correction; and there is no person, place, condition or

thing to blame for what they entertain but themselves. This is most imperative for

their future progress.

These beloved students have arrived at a point where such subtle conditions must

be made clear and thoroughly understood; otherwise they will find themselves

facing conditions they are unable to govern.

I repeat again to the students to be greatly encouraged because of the strides they

are making in Self-control, the fuller and fuller acceptance of these Mighty Laws of

Life, and their willingness to apply the mighty whip of Self-correction; for I tell

you frankly and I speak from experience, that the outer

activity which we term the "human" has to be flayed with no uncertainty before it

is brought under subjection to the Divine Command.

The reason I gave the use of the Ray or Flame through the hand is because the

minds of some are attuning more rapidly than the atomic structure of the body is

being raised. This activity of passing the hand over the body will maintain and

sustain that equalization of the quickening of the mind and the raising of the

atomic structure to its balancing point.

I am so happy and willing to give every Assistance to the students, as are Others,

but there are certain bounds beyond which We may not go because of the Selfconscious

advancement of the students which they must do for themselves.

However, every one of them has everything by which to be encouraged; but again

let Me urge them that at no time may they divide the attention of the "I AM

Presence." To do this means that you are releasing the stream of energy and giving

power to outside things and simply delaying your progress.

I speak from experience. It is not possible to divide the attention, for it must all be

given to the "I AM Presence" in order to go beyond a certain point of attainment.

I do not wish to bring any shock to the students under this Radiation, but I must

speak the Truth, that if those beloved students who have been brought under

speak the Truth, that if those beloved students who have been brought under

this Radiation are not able to hold their attention entirely upon the "I AM

Presence," it will close the door to Our Assistance to them for a long time. This

need not be done if the students will follow the direction, make the sincere effort

every time the attention wanders off, bring it back with firm determination and

say: "I give all power to the 'I AM Presence' which I AM'; and I refuse with

determination acceptance to anything else ever again. "

I wish to prepare the students that there will come the time when they may not be

sustained by Our Messengers, but must rely on their own ability to hold with such

a firm grip upon the "I AM Presence" that they will always receive Its Mighty,

Sustaining Power.

It is useless and a mistake for any student after months of Instruction to each day,

or every few days, allow himself to be thrown into a sense of depression or doubt

of the Inner Power or his ability to apply It. This childish attitude of mind will in

time shut the door if it is not discontinued.

Each student should take his positive stand the moment discord of any kind

attempts to enter into the mind, and assert his Dominion by declaring: " 'I AM' the

Almighty Governing Presence of my Life and my world, and 'I AM' the Peace,

Harmony and Courage, Self-sustained, which carries me serenely through

everything that confronts me."

It is so important that the students have the benefit of the manuscripts that We

must discontinue the Instruction until they are completed, for according to their

ability to accept that which is illustrated in the manuscripts will the "Great Judge"

determine what shall next be given. We may not under any circumstances take the

student beyond the point where he is well fortified.

I must say, for the protection of the students, that should certain phenomena

manifest about them, to be calm, poised, and unmoved by it at all times and to go

serenely along, not allowing their attention to be held by it; for it is not unlikely in

this number of students that some may have sufficiently generated energy from

past understanding at a certain point to produce certain phenomena. In such a

case they should always take the firm stand: " 'I AM' the Governing Presence of

this, utilizing it in its highest expression and use."

You see, in all this amount of Instruction that has been given, it is but a fragment

upon which the student must build. The student must always watch for ideas from

within himself upon which to build his expansion.

The first premise for every student on earth who wishes to attain permanent

achievement is to first remind himself that: " 'I AM' the Presence and Intelligent

Activity." This is the first principle and in It he can never go astray.

I assure the beloved students that they need not crave nor desire phenomena, for

the Natural Law of their Beings in their sustained progress will produce abundant

phenomenal proof as they are ready for it. In this, mark you, I do not in anywise

refer to the appearance of any of the Ascended Ones, for that is an entirely

different thing and is really not to be taken as phenomenon of any kind.

I watched with great interest the Inner Activity of the students, Tuesday and

Wednesday, and it was very gratifying to see the expansion of that Inner Light

within them as the Power of Love grew more intense. It should be remembered by

the students that when they say "I AM," they are making the outer activity a

Mighty Magnet for the Light to reach and expand.

I think it would be very wise for each student to take the attitude at this time, or

in the beginning of the use of both the Instruction and the manuscript: " 'Great I

AM Presence,' take me within Thyself; there instruct me and cause me to retain the

Full Memory of these Inner Instructions."

As Messengers of the Light, this training is very essential, but the idea should not

in anywise cause anxiety—or tension in the desire to retain, because an attitude of

that kind might easily close the outer memory of the Inner experience.

I cannot help but smile to myself at the closeness with which some of the students

are coming to most surprising things; but I trust they will always find themselves

are coming to most surprising things; but I trust they will always find themselves

poised and serene in whatever the experience is, knowing that: " 'I AM' the One,

Eternal, Self-sustained Life in action," and to forever remove from their

consciousness that there is such a condition as so-called death anywhere in the


The outer activity of the mind and world is a passing maya, shifting as the sands of

the desert, and need never cause anyone the slightest concern, for: " 'I AM' the

Eternal Life, knowing no beginning and never finding an end."

Out of the Heart of that Great Silence comes the Ceaseless, Pouring Stream of Life

of which each one is an individualized part. That Life is you, Eternally, Perfectly,

Self-sustained, and the garments It clothes Itself with are of but little

consideration, until one comes to the point of recognition wherein the attainment

has prepared him for the "Seamless Garment," Self-sustained, radiant with every

prismatic color.

Then may one indeed rejoice in that Eternal Garment that is Ever-Radiant and

Changeless, which has removed him from the wheel of cause and effect and has

made him a Being of Cause only. That Cause is the Radiance of Divine Love, ever

pouring and evolving from Its Conscious, Self-poised, Radiant God- Center—the

Heart of the "I AM Presence"—which is Eternal Youth and Beauty, the All-knowing

Presence, containing in Self-conscious action the past, present and future—which

after all, are but the One Eternal Now.

Such is the eternal elimination of all time and space. Then you find your world

peopled with Perfect Beings, your buildings decorated with choicest jewels; you,

standing in the center of your creation—the "Jewel in the Heart of the Lotus" —Its

petals your Mighty Avenues of Its Perfect Activity.

Such is a humble picture of that which stands before you, beckoning you into your

Perfect, Eternal Home and Radiance.

You see, I feel that Glorious Radiance, and if each one, especially the students,

could center themselves in the Presence of Divine Love and hold themselves there

firmly, what wonderful experiences would come to them —if they would shut out

the interference of the outer activity of the mind.

For one to take the attitude that: " 7 AM' the Presence of Divine Love at all times"

would do such wonderful things. To use this Statement and feel it would at all

times close the door to the outer activities of the mind.

The solution of every problem is always right at hand because the "I AM Presence"

always holds everything within It.

A demand is the impelling of the solution into expression. "I AM" is the Intelligent,

Active Principle within us, the Heart of our Beings, the Heart of the

planet and the Heart of the system.

I cannot refrain from reminding the students again, for they should always know

that whenever you say "I AM," you are releasing the One Almighty, Intelligent

Energy, Power and Self-sustained Element. Keep at it, and you will come into a

condition so supreme, so wonderful.

When you are looking into the physical sun, you are really looking into the Great

Central Sun, the very Heart of the "I AM Presence."

You must take the unconditional stand with your body that: "The 'I AM Presence'

governs this physical body completely and compels it into obedience." The more

attention you give your body, the more it is the master, and the more it will

demand and keep demanding from you.

When the physical body is either chronically ill or continually showing

disturbance, it proves that it has been given attention over a period of years to one

disturbance or another, and it will never improve until one takes the positive

attitude and whips it into obedience.

You can positively produce whatever you want in your body if you will fix your

attention upon the Perfection of it—but do not let your attention rest on its


For the Ascension: " 'I AM' the Commanding

For the Ascension: " 'I AM' the Commanding

Presence." Use this often, for it stills the outer activity so you become centered in

the Activity of Love.

The instant you feel something discordant, turn away from it. You have the Scepter

of Power in your consciousness—now use it!

You are to follow Jesus' command: "See no man after the flesh." It means exactly

what it says: recognize no human imperfection in thought, feeling, word or deed.

A very powerful thing to use in problems is to take the simple consciousness: "God

in me, the 'I AM Presence,' come forth! Govern and solve this situation

harmoniously." It would do wonders. The whole thing is to instantly draw forth

the "I AM Presence" and set It to work.

Jesus said: "Ask, and ye shall receive."

"Seek, and ye shall find."

"Knock: it shall be opened unto you." Say to your Divine Self: "See here, God! come

forth and take care of this." God wants you to set Him to work. This releases a

flood of the God-Energy, Intelligence and Substance which flows forth to do the


BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Commanding, "I AM Presence"! assert Thy Dominion

within the heart and consciousness of each student! Command the Life Activity to

express Its fullness! Set Thyself as a Guard at the door of the mind of each one, so

he admits only that which is helpful and harmonious. Bless each one with that

power to hold fast and go forth to harmonious attainment. We thank Thee.


Cha Ara, his Mother, Nada and Saint Germain were working very intensely on the

expanding of the Inner Light within each one who was here. We wished that the

students might see from the Inner standpoint. It would be an experience never to

be forgotten.

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