Discourse 27

Discourse 27 December 24, 1933



INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Majestic Christ Power, now grown to Full Stature! We

salute Thee by the Sign of the Heart and Head, accepting the Fullness of Thy

Mighty Power made manifest in the hearts of the students and of the people of

America. We accept the Fullness of the Light and Its illuminating Presence within

the heart and mind of each one, surging forward with such intensity that It carries

the courage and strength for everyone to make the needed conscious effort which

will enable the "Mighty I AM Presence" to raise the atomic structure into its Full


Now I will step aside and let our Beloved Brother speak His heart.


I bring you Love and Salutations from many of the Ascended Host—some of whom

you know, and Others of whom you are yet to know.

" 'I AM' the Light, the Way and the Truth" is the Christmas Bell that is still ringing

throughout the field of Cosmic Activity. In the understanding that has been

brought to you in the meaning and Power of the Words "I AM," you will find a

Charmed Circle in which you may move untouched by human, discordant

operation. It is not only a matter of knowing the Presence, but in practicing the

Presence in even the simplest activity; for as you attempt an unfamiliar experience,

you many times feel timid and uncertain; but as you learn to use the "I AM" in the

solving of your desire or problem, you find growing a confidence that you can

apply with a definite assurance.

The students should always understand that it is in the "Great Silence," or stillness

of the outer, that the Inner Power flows in its ever-increasing accomplishment; and

soon they will come to know that even as they think of their "Mighty Source, the I

AM," they will feel an increase of strength, vitality and wisdom which will enable

them to go forward with a feeling of Mastery that will surely one day open wide

the door through the limitations of their human creation into the Vastness of their

True Freedom.

We so often see in the heart the craving for proof— some remarkable manifestation

which will strengthen them on the way. I assure you, Blessed Children of the Light,

any proof given outside of yourself is but temporary, but every step proven in and

through your own conscious application is an eternal accomplishment; and as you

continue to gain the Mastery through your Self-conscious application, you are not

only accomplishing the things in hand, but you are raising the consciousness, until

presently you will find that all barriers have gone down.

It is in this manner that the door of human limitation is forever nailed back; and as

My outer form was nailed to the cross, so do you, by your ascending consciousness,

nail back the door of self-created limitations, and feel and know your Dominion.

To the many students so vitally interested in making the Ascension, I would urge

you to use the Statement often: " 'I AM' the Ascension in the LIGHT." This will

enable your consciousness to more quickly rise out of the maya of human creation.

It cannot be stressed too urgently that as you live in and accept more fully the

Transcendent Power of the "I AM Presence," you will find that not only the outer

struggle ceases, but that as you have entered deeper into the Light, the outer things

that you have sought so earnestly will really and truly begin to seek you—because

by that time you will truly and fully realize the unreality of form and its transitory

activity. You will then know that within you and the Light about you is everything

you can possibly desire; and the outer, which has seemed so very important, will

have lost its great binding power upon you. Then in the outer things that come to

you will come joyous Freedom. This is the true activity of outer things.

you will come joyous Freedom. This is the true activity of outer things.

As you become more conscious of the Transcendent Powers which are at your

command, you will know that you can quickly draw to yourself anything you

require without harming or affecting another of God's children.

This Truth must be established within the consciousness, for conscientious souls

must know this unwaveringly, so they may not at intervals find themselves

wondering if it is right for them to succeed when others around them are not

succeeding—for your greatest service, I assure you, is to gain the Mastery and

Freedom for yourself.

Then you are prepared to dispense the Light without being affected by the human

creation in which you must move. Never feel sad or distressed if another of God's

Children is not ready to accept the Light, for if he does not come to the Light of his

own choosing, it is rarely but a temporary step.

As one begins to gain a conscious Freedom from the body, he understands how

temporal these outer things are and how unimportant; but when one enters into

the Universal Consciousness, or the Great Cosmic Activity, one finds to enter into

the Light is of all importance. Then he will know the joy of the Inner Presence and

Its Invincible Activity, for which his heart will leap with joy.

Shortly before I became aware of My Full Mission, the Statement stood out vividly

before Me: " 'I AM the Presence' that never fails or makes a mistake." This I knew

later was the sustaining Power which enabled Me to BE the Resurrection and the


It is unfortunate indeed that some of the Scriptural Statements have been clouded

by human concept; yet "I AM" thankful indeed that many have remained unaltered.

Another Statement I used constantly for more than three years was: " 'I AM' always

the Majestic Power of Pure Love that transcends every human concept and that

opens the door to me to the Light within its heart." I knew later this greatly

intensified My True Inner Vision.

In response to the earnest desire within the hearts of many, I wish to say that

during the years in which the Scriptures seem to have been unaware of My

activity, I was going from place to place in search of the explanation of the Light

and Presence which I felt within myself—and I assure you, Beloved Students, not

with the ease and speed with which you are able to seek today. Those of that day

in My association were joyous to receive the knowledge of those unchronicled

experiences, but owing to the unusual nature of them, it was thought unwise to

place them before the multitude.

So it has been through the ages: when the period of transcendent experiences has

begun to fade into the yesterdays and those who followed were not sufficiently

advanced to realize this Truth, they have shut out from humanity glories—beautiful

and wonderful. However, at this time there has come to the assistance of humanity

the Cosmic Christ Power which became so real to Me. This, through Its natural

impulse for expression, is steadily and surely finding Its way into the hearts and

minds of a large percent of mankind to the extent that great hope is present that

this Activity will enable the veil of human creation to be lifted, so great numbers

of humanity will see signs and wonders, and feel them within their own hearts.

Then they cannot be turned aside from the Truth by human doubts and fears.

I spent some time in Arabia, Persia and Tibet, and closed my pilgrimage in India,

where I met the Beloved Master who had then made the Ascension— although I did

not know it at the time. Through the Power of His Radiation, revelation after

revelation came to Me through which I was given expressions or Statements that

enabled Me to hold steady the outer activity of My mind until it no longer had

power to disturb or retard Me.

It was then the Full Glory of My Mission was revealed and the Eternal Cosmic

Record it was to make, which was to be established at that time for the blessing

and enlightenment of the humanity that was to follow.

You might be interested to know that this became an Active Cosmic Record, which

is quite different from any other record made, in that It contains within It, and

is quite different from any other record made, in that It contains within It, and

does today, the forward urge or impulse for which the human mind was and is a


This accounts for the expressions and Statements I gave forth becoming more and

more vivid through the centuries; and with the forward impulse of that activity,

assisted by other Powerful Rays of Radiation focused upon the earth, it will enable

a great number of humanity to become so anchored in the Truth and its conscious

application that a transcendent accomplishment will be achieved.

There is no one single step so vitally important as getting before mankind the

Knowledge of the "I AM," their Source of Life, and Its Transcendent Power which

can be brought into the conscious use of the individual. Within three years it will

be amazing how this simple, yet All-powerful Truth will have spread among

humanity—for all who will think upon It, practice Its Presence, and consciously

direct Its Energy through the Power of Divine Love will find a new world of peace,

Love, health and prosperity open to them. Those who understand applying the

Knowledge of the "I AM" need never, never be beset by inharmony or disturbance

in their homes, worlds or activities; for it is only by a lack of acknowledgment and

acceptance of the Full Power of this Mighty Presence that individuals allow human

concepts and creations to disturb them.

The student should constantly look within his human self and see what habits or

creations are there that need to be plucked out and disposed of; for only by

refusing to any longer allow habits of judging, condemning and criticizing to exist

can he be free. The true activity of the student is only to perfect his own world,

and he cannot do it as long as he sees imperfection in the world of another of

God's children.

You have been given marvelous Statements to harmoniously govern your Life and

world. Apply them with determination, and you will succeed.

Another correction many of you wish Me to make is this: I did not say on the cross,

"Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" but I did say, "Father! how thou hast

glorified me"; and I did receive into the Glories with Me the brother who was on

my right on the cross.

There are a number of these beloved students whom I knew personally at the time

of the crucifixion, and in giving this Message forth to them, I feel like talking to old

friends—for in that Great Ascended Presence, centuries are but an incident, and

only as We come into contact with human events is there a cognizance of time.

Beloved students who are so earnestly seeking the Light, try to feel yourselves held

in My Loving Embrace. Try to feel yourselves clothed in that Light — dazzling as

the noonday sun. So anchor within your consciousness the feeling of your ability to

make the Ascension that each day brings you closer and closer to the Fullness of Its


Cut loose all things of earth that bind you. Know that in the Love, Wisdom and

Power which you accept from your "Mighty I AM Presence" is the Power that does

this Transcendent Service.

Always remind yourselves that God in you is your certain victory! The 'I AM

Presence' which beats your heart is the 'Light of God that never fails'; and that

your power—by the acceptance of this Presence, to loose Its Energy and direct It—is


It is My great Joy and Privilege to continue in association with My Beloved Brother,

Saint Germain, in pouring forth through My Conscious Radiation a definite

Assistance to the students who can accept the Instruction of Saint Germain. This

will continue during the entire year of 1934. Do not misunderstand Me—"I AM"

pouring out to all mankind, but in this Radiation to the students, "I AM" privileged

to give a special Service.

With My Love, I enfold you. With My Light, I clothe you. With My Energy, I sustain

you, that you may go forth dauntless in your quest for happiness and the

perfecting of yourselves and your world.

I trust this will bring a Radiation that you may feel at will throughout the year,

I trust this will bring a Radiation that you may feel at will throughout the year,

and that your attainment may bring you boundless joy.

" 'I AM' the Enlightening, Revealing Presence, manifest with full power." JESUS THE



I wish to convey My Enfolding Love as a Gift to each of the beloved students—for

Love is the Greatest Gift that can be given.