Discourse 28

Discourse 28 December 25, 1933



INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Infinite, Active Presence of the Christ everywhere! We

bow before Thy Majesty and Power. Assert Thy Dominion in the heart and mind of

every individual throughout the land, causing Thy Wondrous Perfection to express


I bring you Greetings of Love, the Comprehending Consciousness and Mastery from

the Great Host of Ascended Masters who have looked with favor upon My humble

efforts to dispense the Light; and who bring to you Their Love, and clothe you in

Their Mantle of Light this Christmas Day.


O Love Divine! in Thy Magic Power of Transmutation, we assert Thy Power in

cleansing and purifying the world of human mistakes and human creations.

Thou art the Eternal Victory—the Golden Pathway of Attainment for every student

of the Light, and through Thy Transcendent Power, the Kumaras start forth Their

Mighty Radiation for the Blessing of the earth and mankind for the entire year of


Thus will mankind find many desirable changes taking place—greater health,

happiness and prosperity being restored, a deeper sense of Love, and a greater

desire for Justice in the hearts of mankind everywhere.

In many channels, human selfishness will be greatly transcended through the

feeling of Pure Love which will generate within the heart, enable them to govern

the human sense, and cause them to involuntarily desire to bless.

It is My Wish that every one of the students send forth this Truth in conscious

Radiation at least once a day: "God, the 'Mighty I AM Presence,' is governing with

Invincible Power everywhere in the hearts and minds of mankind."

Those Masters from Venus who visited the Royal Teton and who will again visit It

this New Year will start forth a definite Activity to consume the subtle attempt to

generate and bring into outer activity another war.

Shamballa is loosing Its Powers, which for many years have been drawn within Its

own compass.

The Golden City, Whose Rays are sent in all directions like the spokes from a wheel,

is performing a Service for mankind that It alone can do.

If mankind could know and understand these activities for what they are, such

marvelous changes would take place in the outer world as even the advanced

would hardly conceive possible.

On New Year's Day, the Cosmic Wheel of progress will have reached a point

where, in personal activity, much of the free will of individuals can be set aside.

This brings a Joy and Hope unspeakable to the consciousness of Those serving from

these Transcendent Spheres of Activity.

Thus, O Students of Light! can you understand the magnificent Assistance that is

yours to be had by stilling the outer and reaching forth for It. I plead with you,

Dear Students, shut your minds against the ignorance and inharmonious

suggestions of human beings everywhere. I say to every one of you: Freedom in

every way stands at your door—if you will but keep your personality harmonized

and refuse to accept inharmonious, sinister suggestions from the atmosphere and

from those you contact in mortal form.

It is imperative that this be done if you wish to bring into your world, joy, beauty,

opulence, and Perfection of every kind. It is not Our intent or desire to intrude a

single thing upon your free will, but oh the Joy that leaps within Our Hearts when

We see the students taking hold, comprehending and applying these Transcendent

Laws—which We know mean their certain Victory. And may I reiterate what We

Laws—which We know mean their certain Victory. And may I reiterate what We

have said before: there is no single thing so vicious in the human activity as that

personality or suggestion which would try to turn the student from the Truth and

Light which would be his Freedom.

In connection with this Mighty Cosmic Activity, the student should work with

great determination, consuming all past and present inharmonious creation. Every

time your thought and desire reach forth in this manner, great currents of energy

will come to your assistance to sustain and help you. This is part of the present

amazing Assistance sent forth to the earth. The Silent Watcher has waited for two

hundred thousand years for the Cosmic Wheel to reach this point— the coming

New Year.

Again I assert that never in the history of mankind has such Transcendent Activity

been ready to rush to your assistance. I plead with you, O Beloved Students! Is it

not worth all your determined effort to act in accordance with this Great Blessing

which makes your struggle for Freedom from human self creations so much easier?

Beloved Students! How deeply My Heart rejoices to see within you the intense

desire for the Light and your determined effort to apply these Unerring Laws,

which will as surely give you your Freedom as you apply them.

I wish to thank all the students for their joyous desire for the limitless distribution

of Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence. In this great desire, Beloved Ones, is

a service that you can little comprehend as yet its far-reaching Blessing.

I feel greatly blest this day of devotion to the Christ, to feel the Love from the

many pouring out to Me; and I assure you, Blessed Ones, that I shall come back to

you with all the Loving Power at My Command to assist, enlighten, and bless you.

In the special Service that Jesus has decided to give forth, you are surely blest

indeed. Try to feel this Wonderful Truth with the deepest intense feeling you can

command. Open your arms, hearts and minds to the Glory of this Radiation, and as

you can do this more fully and completely, you will see how quickly all disturbing

and limiting conditions about you will disappear.

I plead with you, Beloved Students, do not continue to limit yourselves by human

concepts. Declare and feel your amazing ability to use these Laws and direct this

Mighty Energy to your Freedom and Perfection. Try to realize that your human

form is not a dense creation, difficult to manipulate. Try to feel it a transparent

substance that follows your slightest direction. Speak to your body! Command it to

be strong, receptive only to the Ascended Master Consciousness, to be a Perfect

Expression of the Divine Power of the "Mighty I AM," and to take on Its Beauty of

Form and Expression.

Review in your experience the powerful determination you have had at times to

accomplish success in the outer activity of things, and then realize how much

more powerful your determination can generate to attain your Eternal Freedom.

Believe Me, Beloved Ones, when I say to you: there is but your human creation that

stands between you and your Freedom from all limitation. That creation is no

greater an obstacle than you accept it to be. If you take away from that creation its

power to limit you, any hour, any day, you may joyously step through that veil into

your world of the "Electronic Presence," so beautiful, so joyous, so filled with the

Dazzling Light of Its Glorious Presence, and move there forever in the Light of

Eternal Glory. Then as you step back through the human veil for service in the

outer activity, you will still continue to feel the Glory of the Transcendent Being

which you are. Then naught of your own outer conditions or those about you will

touch you or affect you in any way.

My whole Being thrills with this Joyous Anticipation for you, as I know with a

definite certainty your attainment. To any who would let the suggestion of the

ignorance of other human beings turn them aside from the Path, I wish to say, just

remember what awaits you—what it is within your ability to achieve and Be.

Remember again, again, and again, that as you grow into more and more intense

acceptance of your "Mighty I AM Presence," the outer problems which have

seemed so terrifying will surely fade from appearance.

seemed so terrifying will surely fade from appearance.

Thus not only is your problem solved, but every step gained in this way does not

reappear. Instead, it becomes your Eternal Freedom. If it is financial freedom you

crave, I plead with you to take the outer activity of your mind off the appearance

and place it upon your "Mighty I AM Presence," the only Giver of all the Mighty

Opulence there is. Stand firm and determined in this, and you will have all the

money you desire to use. Life does not limit you! Opulence does not limit you! Love

does not limit you! Therefore, why allow your human limiting concepts to bind

you longer?

Beloved Children of the Light! Arise! in the Mighty Glory of your True Being. Go

forth! a Mighty Conquering Presence. Be! "The Light of God that never fails." Move!

clothed in the Light of the Transcendent Glory of your God-Self — and Be Free!

BENEDICTION: "Mighty I AM Presence"! Transcendent in this Christ Activity! We

give to Thee our eternal thanks and gratitude for Thy Love, Glory, Freedom, and our

conscious ability and power to accept the Fullness of Thy Glory made manifest in

the outer activity of our lives; that we stand with firm determination in Thy Light,

directed by Thy Wisdom and forever sustained by Thy Transcendent Love,

anchored within our hearts.

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