Discourse 29

Discourse 29 August__ 19, 1934




It is Saint Germain's request that I voice to you the Mighty Accomplishment at the

Music Festival last night.

May I first refer to My own humble efforts, in conjunction with Those at the Royal

Teton on New Year's Day two years ago. It was then decreed that the Century of

Progress Exposition should be a Focus for a constructive activity which should ever

expand and increase in intensity during the next one hundred years. The opening

and lighting of it was the Initiatory Step that is to usher in the beautiful,

magnificent Golden Age, which is signalized in that activity.

This has made Soldier Field sacred ground, a Sacred Altar of Divine Activity in the

Western World, and so far as humanity at large is concerned, the hub of the whole

of America.

A volume could be voiced on all that took place and that which led up to last

evening, but owing to the human sense of time, this must be greatly

condensed and but an outline given.

Before proceeding with this description, I wish to call your attention to the

unparalleled number of pageants of all kinds, of many nationalities, that are being

held in Soldier Field this summer. These cover the period from the Ascension of

Jesus down to the present time. They give acknowledgment of the Ascension

—which is the most vital thing and the culmination of all human experience.

These pageants, from the human standpoint, are a calling forth of the latent

memory in humanity at large and are a raising of the Essence of that activity.

How easy it is for humanity to pass over transcendent activities because of their

unbelief, acknowledgment or acceptance of the True Perfection of Life, for all Life

in manifestation is God in Action. Unfortunately however, It is more often colored

by human concepts of limitation and destructive qualities which, through the

individual's power of free will, everyone is at liberty to do.

This ere long, however, will be greatly remedied by the setting aside of the greater

part of the human free will as it is known today. This will enable much of

humanity to be awakened and saved from their own destruction.

Here may I say that the students who think they can play with the Great Law,

because of their unwillingness to give the necessary Self-discipline, will find

themselves unfortunate indeed if they attempt it when once having entered upon

the Conscious Path.

The Great Law, which does not discriminate, takes individuals at their words and

feelings. Those who think they can escape this are but deceiving themselves.

The coming pageant of the Celts is really of great importance, for it enters into the

vibratory action from the time of Jesus up to the present.

The Inner Activity within and above Soldier Field last night was one of the most

Divine Activities since the advent of the Kumaras into the presence of the earth.

Circle upon circle rose above the surface of the earth and those seated within the

field. The first circle was formed by the Members of the Great White Brotherhood

in their Golden Robes, being those whose outer forms have not yet made the


Next came the Ascended Host of Masters who have made the Ascension. Then came

the Angel Devas and seven of the Cherubim. The circle above Them contained four

of the Gods of the Mountains, three of whom you know, the other you shall know.

Around these were the Archangels, of whom the Archangel Michael was the


Surrounding the "Core of Light" within the center of the Field, extending for two

hundred feet within the earth and to five thousand feet above, were

hundred feet within the earth and to five thousand feet above, were

Saint Germain, Jesus, the Tall Master from Venus, and the Great Divine Director.

They were the Dispensers of the Mighty Currents of Energy sent to all parts of the

earth to do their work with no uncertainty. During the singing of the "Holy City,"

the Divine Pattern of that which is to become the "Holy City upon earth" was

lowered into Its position, where It shall remain—until It becomes a visible, vibrant

City of Light to the westward. The exact position of this I may not disclose at the

present time, but I assure you, it was a Mighty Activity which will become a

Mighty Reality to the humanity of earth.

During Mr. John Charles Thomas' solos, that great vibratory action was taken up

and re-echoed by a Great, Majestic, Celestial Chorus, whose Radiance poured forth

over America like a Glistening Shower of Light to consume and bless. During the

singing of the Hallelujah Chorus, the entire activity was turned over to the direct

dispensation of Jesus Himself.

I wish to assure you that the set pieces in color were not just a human idea, but

those responsible for their presence were inspired by the Ascended Masters,

principally Saint Germain, in order to establish their renewed, powerful activity,

which was intensified a thousandfold or more to again act within the Life, the

Soul, the Light from the heart to the periphery of America and the world.

The representation of signing the Declaration of Independence was to bring before

the conscious attention of the earth, and especially America, its unparalleled

activity upon the earth; and to call it to the attention of the people of America,

that they might hold close to and stand by the Original Constitution of the United

States, which was and is a Divine Creation, until such time as the complete

Ascended Master Constitution of the United States of America shall come forth, as

the advance of the Golden Age proceeds.

The Golden Eagle and the Shield represent the Height of Divine Protection for

America, again reestablished.

The Bell of Liberty in the power color of blue represents the Glorious Liberty and

Freedom forever for America and the earth from all human selfishness, the

instigator of which in every case is private profit, and the cause has been the same

throughout the ages.

The four powerful Blue Rays that formed a canopy over the field, thought to be

ordinary by the mass of humanity, represented that Fourth Dimensional Activity

brought into visibility upon earth; and if it be necessary for the protection of

America, the Jewel in the Heart of God, then that "Blazing Light as of a Thousand

Suns" shall descend upon earth and consume all human inharmony and selfishness

from the planet.

The fan of Pink Light at the beginning was qualified to serve in the entire activity,

and the Great Love Star stood above all, shedding Its Rays through the tier above

tier of Great Beings.

I congratulate you and this good Brother, and those many students of our Beloved

Saint Germain, and I thank you all for your earnest, sincere work in behalf of the

Freedom of America. May the activity of these beloved students of Light ever

continue to expand, until from this Nucleus, the Light of Its Radiance covers


I also congratulate our Beloved Saint Germain for His Great Accomplishment in

establishing this Nucleus and Focus in America; and for His Wonderful Love, His

Light, His Work for America for nearly two hundred years, which ere long will

begin to bear fruit of such perfect kind as has not been heretofore in any


I bow in acknowledgment of His Great Love, Wisdom and Strength. I congratulate

you, My Beloved Sister and Brother, for your Love, steadfastness, patience and

activity for the students that have been and those that are to follow. Ever know

that: " 'I AM' the Only Acting Presence," and you will find that all activity will

conform to the "Perfection of that Presence." I bid you adieu but not good-bye.


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