Discourse 3

Discourse 03 October 10, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Infinite, All-Pervading Presence! With Thy Mighty Radiance

surging forth throughout the atmosphere of earth, we give praise and thanks for

the onrushing Christ Power of Love and Wisdom, which with no uncertainty is

raising the consciousness of mankind above the sordid selfishness of the activity of

the outer self.

We give praise and thanks that we have become conscious of Thy Mighty, Active

Presence at all times, and that in the conscious recognition of Thee, Thou dost

charge our minds and bodies with Thy Pure Presence forever.

I bring Greetings from the Radiant Host to you all.


From within the Radiance of the Great Electronic Belt "I AM" projecting this


From the Heart of the Golden City the Twin Rays come forth, upon which are the

speech, the Light, and the sound.

The time has rapidly enfolded us when we must be more aware of the Great

Electronic Belts encompassing all creation from the Godhead to the individual.

The Etheric Belt around the Golden City is impenetrable—far more so than a wall

of many feet of steel would be.

So in a lesser degree may the individual, with sufficient comprehension of the

Active Principle of the God Self, surround himself with an Electronic Belt or Circle,

which he may qualify in any manner he may choose; but woe be unto the

individual who qualifies it destructively.

If anyone should be foolish enough to do this, he would find this Belt of

Electronic Force closing in upon his own outer form, and it would be consumed;

but those who with wisdom build and qualify it with God's Mighty Love and

constructive Power will find themselves moving in a world untouched by the

ignorance of mankind.

The Cosmic Period has arrived when those who have attained a certain degree of

understanding must create, apply, and use this Wondrous Electronic Circle. Every

creation that is Self-conscious action has this Circle of pure Electronic Force about

it naturally, but to a large degree its force is ungoverned, therefore dissipated.

In consciously creating this Mighty Ring of Pure Electronic Force, you stop all

leaks in the generation of this Limitless Essence, and hold it in reserve for

conscious use and direction. After a few months of this conscious creative activity

of and within this

Electronic Ring, one will need to be very careful in loosing or directing this Force

in any manner except by Divine Love.

In the beginning of man's individualization, he was naturally surrounded by this

Magic Circle, but as the consciousness was lowered more and more, rents were

made in this Great Circle of Force, causing leaks, as it were, until It has almost

entirely disappeared. This, however, was not a conscious creation of the individual,

but was a natural, enfolding circle.

Now students of the Light must go to work with no uncertainty and consciously

create this Electronic Belt about themselves—visualizing It Perfect—with no rents

or breaks in its construction.

Thus it will be possible to consciously reach within the Electronic Belt of the

Godhead, and there receive Limitless Wisdom, Love, Light, and the Application of

simple Laws by which all creative power is possible.

While the student is admonished to look always, and never forget it, to his own

God Self, which is the Creator of his individualization, yet never has there been a

single attainment in which there has not been given the Assistance of those still in



There being but the One God, the One Presence, and His All-Powerful Activity,

then the one more advanced than the other is but more of the God Self in action.

In this recognition you will understand why you can feel, " 'I AM' here and 'I AM'

there," for there

is but the One God Self everywhere.

When the student can once understand that the Ascended Host of Masters are

but the more advanced Consciousness of himself, then he will begin to feel the

unquestionable possibilities within his grasp. Whether he speaks to the Godhead

direct, to one of the Ascended Masters of Light, or to his own God Self, in reality it

makes no difference, for all are One.

Until one does reach this state of Consciousness, it does make a difference, for

the individual is almost certain to feel a division of the One Self, which is not

possible to be made —except in the ignorance of the outer activity of the mind.

When the student thinks of the outer expression, he should at all times be aware

that it is but the outer activity of the One Intelligence, guarding himself at all

times against trying to divide in his own consciousness this One Mighty God-Power

centered in him.

Again I must remind you that this Limitless, Mighty Power of God cannot

intrude Its Wondrous Powers into your outer use—except by your invitation. There

is only one kind of invitation that can reach it and loose it, and that is your feeling

of deep devotion and Love. When one has generated about himself this Electronic

Belt or Ring, there is no power that can penetrate it except Divine Love. It is only

your consciousness of Divine Love that can penetrate within this Great Inner

Blazing Belt of the Godhead, through which the Godhead sends back to you Its

Great Outpouring—mark you —through His Messengers, Transcendent Beings so far

surpassing anything of your present conception that it is not possible in words to

convey to you the Majesty of the Love, Wisdom and Power of these Great Ones.

At this point let Me again remind you that the student who will dare to do and

be silent will find himself lifted into the Transcendent Radiance of this Inmost

Sphere; then by experiencing and seeing will he comprehend this of which I have

spoken. The soul who is strong enough to clothe itself in its Armor of Divine Love

and go forward will find no obstruction; for there is naught between your present

consciousness and this Mighty, Transcendent Inner Sphere to obstruct the

approach of Divine Love.

When you have touched and seen within this Inner Circle, you will then

understand how imperfect is the present expression of Divine Love. Once one

becomes consciously aware of these Great Spheres to which he may reach, he will

find himself fearlessly reaching deeper and deeper within the Radiance of this

Mighty Intelligent Hub of the Universe—from which all worlds, all creation have


There are among you strong, dauntless, fearless souls who will understand this

and be able to use it with great blessing to themselves and others. There are those

who will understand and see that the "Presence" which beats each heart is God in

Action; that the Activity sending the circulation through the body is God; that the

Essence charging forward to vitalize the outer form is God in Action.

Then, O Beloved Students, awake to this—now! Do you not see how great a

mistake it is to sink under the ignorance of the outer self, feeling pain, distress,

and disturbance, all created by the ignorance and activity of the outer self; when a

few moments of earnest contemplation will cause one to realize that there can be

but One Presence, One Intelligence, One Power acting in your mind and body, and

that is God.

You see how simple, yet powerful, is this Consciousness within you to loose the

full recognition of the Great, Pure Activity of God into your mind and body; and to

let its Wondrous, Transcendent Essence fill full to overflowing every cell.

It seems to Me, Beloved Students, that you cannot fail to grasp this simplicity of

your True God Self acting in you. Ever turn to It, praising It, loving It, demanding

your True God Self acting in you. Ever turn to It, praising It, loving It, demanding

and commanding It to surge forth into every cell of your body; into every demand

of the outer activity, in the home, in your affairs, in business. When your desire is

sent forth clothed in the God Presence, Power and Intelligence, it cannot fail. It

must bring to you that which you desire. Desire is but a lesser activity of

decreeing. Decreeing is and should

be the recognition of the accomplished desire.

Beloved Students, do forever put away any fear of the use of this Great Power.

You know without being told that if you misuse It, you will experience inharmony.

If you use it constructively, it will bring such Blessings untold that you can but

give praise and thanksgiving for the moment when you awakened to the fact that

this Limitless Power is omnipresent— ever awaiting your conscious direction.

The individual who has said that you cannot add one cubit to your height by

your thought has stifled the activity and progress of the individual, for thought

and feeling are the Creative Power of God in Action.

The uncontrolled, ungoverned use of thought and feeling has brought about all

kinds of discord, sickness and distress. Few, however, believe this, and keep going

on and on continually creating by their ungoverned thought and desire, chaos in

their worlds; when they could as easily as a breath face about, using their thought

constructively with the motive power of Divine Love, and build for themselves a

Perfect Paradise within the period of two years.

Even physical science has given proof that the body or outer form completely

renews itself within a few months. Then you must see that with the conscious

understanding and application of the True Laws of your Being, how easy it is to

cause Perfection to manifest in your entire body, and every organ to leap into its

Perfect, normal activity. In a short time it would not be possible for inharmony to

enter your thought or body.

O Children reaching to the Lightl this great privilege is the Open Door of God

before you, which none may shut but yourselves. None may obstruct or interfere

with it but yourselves. Fearlessly use your God-given Dominion and Power and be

free. You cannot attain and hold this Perfect Freedom except through consciously

applied knowledge.

Now I shall give you a secret that if understood by the angry or discordant

individual would tear him or her from that destructive activity—even from a

purely selfish standpoint.

The angry, condemning person who sends out destructive thought, feeling, or

speech to another who is poised in his own God power, receives back to himself

the quality with which he charged this power; while the poised person receives

the energy which serves him, and which he automatically requalifies by his own

poise. Thus, the creator of discord, through anger and condemnation, is consciously

destroying himself, his world of activity, and his affairs.

Here is a vital point students should understand. When one consciously reaches

within the Inner Electronic Circle of God, he makes his outer expression and

activity a channel for the ceaseless outpouring of the Pure Essence from the

Godhead. This in itself, even though he be entirely silent in the outer expression, is

one of the greatest services to humanity—which but few not Ascended are aware

of what it means to mankind.

The one reaching within the Electronic Circle becomes a continual outpouring,

and this very Radiation alone is a tremendous Blessing to all mankind. Thus, aeon

after aeon, have there been those unselfish Messengers of God through whom was

poured forth the Blessing of those not understanding the uplifting Presence of this

surging energy. When there is one or more found who can be an outpouring for

this great welled-up Presence, it is likened unto the first trickling of a leak in a


As the consciousness is held steady and firm, and as the rent in the dam

increases, greater volume of water comes forth, for at last all obstruction is swept

away, and the whole force back of it is poured forth into use. Unlike the water

away, and the whole force back of it is poured forth into use. Unlike the water

dammed up that rushes forward, dissipating itself because it is without direction,

the God-Power thus loosed goes direct to the channel of consciousness most

receptive, and there builds Itself up, awaiting the opportunity to rush forward

more and more. Thus, the student of Light, aside from his activity in dispensing the

Truth, becomes, as it were, an artesian well, from the depths of which flows this

Mighty Essence of God.

The students should at all times remember that no matter what their mistakes

may have been, God never criticizes nor condemns them; but at every stumble

which is made, in that sweet, loving Voice says: "Arise, My Child, and try again, and

keep on trying, until at last you have attained the True Victory and Freedom of

your God-given Dominion."

Always when one has been conscious of having made a mistake, his first act

should be to call on the Law of Forgiveness, and demand wisdom and strength not

to make the same mistake a second time.

God, being all Love, must have Infinite Patience, and no matter how many

mistakes one may have made, he can always once again, "Arise and go unto the

Father." Such is the Love and Freedom within which God's children are privileged

to act.

There is only one, mighty, invincible, evolving process, and that is through the

power of consciously generating Divine Love. Love, being the Hub of all Life, the

more we enter in and use It consciously, the more easily and quickly we release

this Mighty Power of God, which is always standing as a dammed-up force, waiting

to find an opening in our own consciousness by which It can project Itself.

For the first time in many centuries, the Searchlights, or Rays, from the Golden

City over the Sahara Desert, are set into active operation over. America and the

earth. There may be some individuals who will see these Rays, not knowing what

they are.

Mankind need no longer think that personalities can continue to generate their

destructive forces and long survive. Those who can use this Knowledge of the

Electronic Circle should no longer be deprived of its benefits. Give it forth and the

warning with it.

Use this Statement: " 'I AM' the fulfilled activity and sustaining power of every

constructive thing I desire." Use it as a general statement, for the sustaining power

is in everything that there is. " 'I AM' here and 'I AM' there" in whatever you want

to accomplish is a splendid way to feel that you are using the One Activity, and you

thus rise above the consciousness of separation.

BENEDICTION: O Mighty Ones of the Golden City! Glorified are we in Thy

Wondrous Radiance. Privileged are we in the use of Thy Great Rays. Blessed are we

in the conscious recognition of Thy Mighty Presence. Enfold us forever in Thy

Transcendent Light.