Discourse 30

Discourse 30 November 29, 1934



Beloved Students of the Light, today is indeed one of the greatest days of

thanksgiving that I have experienced in one hundred years. To see how the Light,

acknowledgment and acceptance of the "Mighty I AM Presence" is being received

and utilized by the hundreds of students in America is truly a time of rejoicing and


Not only do I pour forth my Love and Blessings to the students, but the entire Host

of Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Masters, the Great White Brotherhood, the

Legion of Light, and Those ministering from Venus join in this praise and

thanksgiving for the True Light that is being spread among mankind.

I do and shall deeply appreciate every assistance of the students under this

Radiation in getting the books into print and spreading them before humanity, for

it is the greatest Service at present that can be rendered.

The greatest need today is in calling the outer attention of mankind to the "One

Great Source" which can give the needed Assistance; and that is the "Mighty I AM

Presence" and the Host of Ascended Masters. The attention of individuals fixed

upon this Great Source gives the opening needed for the Outpouring of the Great,

Eternal, Cosmic Light to flood forth into the outer world, reaching not only the

consciousness of individuals, but into conditions that greatly need readjusting.

It is My Wish that all the students under this Radiation feel their individual

responsibility in this respect: to keep their minds and bodies harmonized, and to

keep charging their minds and emotional worlds with the Directing Wisdom and

Perfection of the "Mighty I AM Presence." This will enable Assistance to be given

humanity which the outer could not possibly conceive of in its heretofore limited


I wish each student to understand and feel deeply that the Great Ascended Masters

and Myself stand ready to give every Assistance to the individual that the Law of

his Being permits. The need of the students is always to stand firm and unyielding

in the Presence until the outer human creation about them is dissolved—consumed;

and then the Mighty Light, Wisdom and Power of the "Mighty I AM Presence" will

flood their minds, Beings and worlds with this Glorious Radiance, filling them and

their worlds with that harmony, happiness, and Perfection which every heart so

much craves.

I urge ALL to do definite, conscious, protective work for America, that the Cosmic

Light and Eternal Perfection enfold the earth, removing and consuming all discord;

and continue to bless persons, places, conditions and things, for It is the Mighty

Miracle- working Activity which will usher in the prosperity and happiness that all

so much desire.

It is My Great Joy to report to you that already great protection has been given to

the eastern coast—from Philadelphia to Maine. If this protection had not been

given, some of your cities would have been in ruins today.

This, Beloved Ones, is what it means to bring a Mighty Focus of the Ascended

Masters into your midst. Only as your Inner Sight is opened to see and know the

True Reality can you have a small concept of the Truth which I have just spoken.

May your hearts fill with joy, and may you work earnestly for the health, success

and prosperity of the Messengers—who have been the channels through whom this

Focus of Protection has been given. Unfortunate indeed are those who criticize the

Messengers or the Work. Better had they never been born in this embodiment.

Beloved Students, try with all sincerity to feel the Reality and Infinite Blessings of

this Work, that your world and America may reap the great reward of that


Words are inadequate to tell you the fullness of My Gratitude for your earnest,

Words are inadequate to tell you the fullness of My Gratitude for your earnest,

sincere effort. Your ability and power to bless and prosper will ever increase as you

hold firmly to and within your "Mighty I AM Presence."

My Love enfolds you; My Light illumines you; and the Wisdom of the "Mighty I AM

Presence" prospers you unto the Fullness of all Perfection.

The Love of the Mighty Host of Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood

and the Legion of Light enfold you always.

"I AM" sincerely in "The Light."


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