Discourse 31

Discourse 31 December 25, 1934




It is with Great Joy that We are observant of

the tremendous accomplishment—individually, nationally and Cosmically-speaking:

for when we have the use of and can cooperate with those Great and Mighty

Cosmic Currents of Energy directed by that Great, Wise Intelligence, then we know

that every step moved forward brings us nearer and nearer to that Mighty Glory

and Freedom which many are learning to feel and rejoice in. How different all

activities are when working in conjunction with that Great, Cosmic Wisdom which

is no longer compelled to withhold Its Mighty Energy because of the free will of

the individual; for now the Cosmic Activities of the nations are of first

consideration; then comes the individual.

Heretofore, because of the individual, certain Cosmic Activities had to wait. Now

the Great Cosmic Wheel has turned, bringing all national, emotional and mental

activities into that Great Preparation where every cog of the wheel must fit into

the Cosmic Reality.

The free will of the individual still binds and limits the outer sufficiently, so there

will be many individuals and conditions in which it will be as though they were

being run through great rollers in which all undesirable qualities are pressed out,

and by the power of the Consciously-directed Flame, are consumed. The Mighty

Radiance, consciously directed by the Great Host of Ascended Masters from the

Great Central Sun, is not only having tremendous effect on the minds and feelings

of mankind on the surface of the earth, but far within the crust of the earth itself.

Hence it has been possible to avert many great disasters.

Here I want to say in Great Love, Gratitude and Blessing to the hundreds of

students who have been projecting the Mighty Love, Wisdom and Power of the

"Mighty I AM Presence" into the mental and emotional world, and assure them that

a gigantic work has been accomplished; for if mankind and the beloved students

can once understand that all cause rests within the mental and emotional worlds,

then they will have reached a point of understanding wherein they know with

complete assurance that the outer activity of mankind must and will come into

Perfect Order when the only cause — the mental and emotional activities—are

corrected and held in subjection.

This is how so much has been accomplished, even since last June. Here I want to

assure those who have had some questioning in their minds, "Was it really true

that great devastation had been averted?" —that one day they will see and know

the Truth of which I have spoken.

Since three hundred years after Jesus' ministry, mankind steadily and surely drifted

back into dealing with effects instead of causes, and that is why no permanent

assistance has been possible to be given. Now with the Assistance that the turn of

the Cosmic Wheel permits, it is possible to bring the consciousness of mankind

back into dealing with the cause—and the effect, if out of order, must disappear.

This is why the knowing of the "Mighty I AM Presence," Its Powers and

Whereabouts, is bringing the students to deal only with that One and Mighty

Presence, whose Cause is Full Perfection, as hundreds of these students are proving

for themselves. When their attention is fixed upon the "Mighty I AM Presence,"

they are dealing with the One and Mightiest Cause, whose One and Only

Expression is Perfection. Therefore, their worlds first become filled with ease and

rest, and through that, they begin to feel the Glory of this Mighty Presence. As they

begin to feel It, they realize that they can reach forth to this "Mighty Presence"

consciously and release such a Mighty Avalanche of Its Mighty Energy that the

consciously and release such a Mighty Avalanche of Its Mighty Energy that the

human does not even have time to requalify but a fragmentary part with its

limitations and inharmonies.

Therefore the strength which is required to give the Eternal Proof to the individual

is sustained. Thus, through the individual's own Self-conscious effort, comes the

greater and greater recognition of the possibilities within his conscious grasp.

Mark you, I say, conscious grasp, for it is only through first, conscious

acknowledgment; second, acceptance; and third, application, or in other words,

consciously directing this Mighty Intelligence and Pure Energy, that the outer, or

human, is kept dissolved enough for the outer to truly grasp these Mighty


Oh the pity mankind has believed so long, and many individuals very sincerely,

that they could cure hate, condemnation and criticism with those same qualities.

How futile and tragic has been this false concept. Believe Me, O Children of the

Light! Hate never cured hate and never will. Condemnation and criticism never

cured their kind, for as We have so often said to you: that which your attention

and vision is held upon, you are qualifying and compelling to come into your

world—abide and act there.

With all We have said and given forth, so little has been grasped of how much the

personality is constantly qualifying the very atmosphere and conditions about it

with the things it does not want, through the belief that it can continue to have

any kind of feeling and speak words of discord, hate and limitation, and still be

unaffected by it. This stubborn, false concept of

mankind has filled the world with all kinds of tragedy.

Now this Mighty, Eternal Light is being released to show mankind why the outer

world has been so filled with tragedy. If I were to show you for one half hour how

much selfishness has been removed from the mental and feeling world of

humanity since these Classes of the "I AM" began, you would scarcely believe that

so much accomplishment in so short a time could have been possible. It could not

and would not have been possible, except for this Mighty, Eternal Radiation of

Light from the Great Host of Ascended Masters, from the Great Central Sun, the

Masters from Venus, the Silent Watcher, Cyclopea, and the Mighty Gods of the


All this is making possible the achievement for which the Legion of Light and the

Great White Brotherhood have labored for centuries. For over fourteen thousand

years, this Work has continued without cessation, the Great Ascended Ones seeing

the Victory from the beginning; but oh! the Infinite Patience, to wait upon the

waywardness of mankind, century after century. Yet was there no single thought

of impatience, or: "Why does not humanity change?" It is only within the compass

of human thought and feeling that judgment and impatience enter in.

Not for seven thousand years has there been such rejoicing at the Inner Octaves of

Activity for mankind as comes with the ushering in of 1935. While it is true there

will be some great extremes in both constructive and destructive activity, yet the

forward impulse is so great that many of the destructive things will pass with

much less notice than otherwise would have been.

As more and more of the students of the "Mighty I AM Presence" realize that their

thought and feeling are the only causes in their worlds, and that it is entirely

within their province—within their ability and dominion—to govern their thought

and feeling, then they will know that to govern these harmoniously, sustaining

this activity, will fill their worlds with Eternal Perfection.

This day, when the great feeling and thought are fixed upon the Christ Activity, it

has made possible as never before the filling of the mind and feeling world of

mankind with this "Mighty Cosmic Christ Presence."

Thus can you understand how great is Our Happiness on this Christmas Day—to

see the Goal of the Freedom of mankind in sight. Once they learn to withhold all

power they have given the screaming human appearances, then individuals will see

how quickly those appearances will disappear; for no kind of discord nor human

how quickly those appearances will disappear; for no kind of discord nor human

limitation can be sustained unless by the thought and feeling of individuals.

Therefore, O Beloved Students of Light! to every discordant, limiting appearance,

say: "Get thee hence, thou powerless human creation! I know thee not! My

world is filled only with the Mighty Perfection of my 'Mighty I AM Presence.' I take

away from you, foolish appearance, all power to harm or disturb. I walk henceforth

in the Light of the 'Mighty I AM Presence' in which there is no shadow, and I am

free, forever free."

I say to you, O Beloved Students! Do not fail to charge your mind, body, home,

world and activity with the Mighty Love, Perfection and Intelligent Activity of your

"Mighty I AM Presence."

Send forth through conscious projection, like the belching forth of a great cannon,

the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame, consuming everything undesirable and

imperfect in your world of activity. Consciously qualify this with the "Full Power

of Divine Love in Action. " Then see and feel what great beauty, happiness and

Perfection you will experience as you move forward.

I urge the students, with all the earnestness of My Being, to constantly charge

everything within the activity of their thought and feeling with Love, Opulence

and Perfect Achievement.

Do this qualifying with dynamic energy! Put great feeling and sureness back of it,

and you will find such changes taking place in your world of activity and

environment as almost to compare with the rubbing of "Aladdin's Lamp."

I say to you beloved students, with all the Love of My Heart: Use! Use! Use! this

Mighty Application to your Freedom.

When you call the Mighty "I AM Presence" into action, into your Life, environment

and activity, all struggle ceases. The undesirable moves out and the "I AM Presence"

moves in; and you find that you have truly entered into a new world, filled with

the Happiness and Perfection you have always known existed somewhere within

your own heart.

Beloved Ones, no matter how humble your present position seems to be, by calling

your "I AM Presence" into action, you can transform everything within your world

and fill it with the Perfection that you desire to have there.


Train yourselves to still the outer, if only for five minutes, three times a day. At the

end of that stillness, with all the calm earnestness of your Being, call the "Mighty I

AM Presence" into action, and you will have all the proof in the world you wish of

the Presence, Power and Dominion of your own "Mighty God-Self."

The Beloved Master Jesus wishes Me to extend His Love and Assurance that He will

give forth His Special Radiance to the students under this Radiation for the entire

year of 1935. He will not dictate over the Ray today, but will on New Year's Day.

This is the Christmas Message which the Host of

Great Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light and the Great White Brotherhood give

to you today:

"May your hearts, O Beloved Students, he filled with Our Eternal Presence of Divine

Love; and may you become so charged with Its Active Presence that Its very

Radiance becomes an Eternal, Consuming Activity, keeping out everything but the

Eternal Light of Perfection."

I charge the mental and emotional world of humanity with Our Eternal, Active

Presence of Divine Love, manifest everywhere in the hearts and minds of mankind.

In the Name, in the Power, in the Love of that Eternal Light and Perfection of the

Universe, I send forth the Consuming, Purifying Flame throughout the earth

—freeing mankind, controlling the feelings of mankind, and holding them in the

Governing Presence and Perfection of Divine Love, now and forever. With all the

Love of My Being,


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