Discourse 32

Discourse 32 January__ 1, 1935


As We look upon the accomplishment of the past year from the Higher Octaves of

Light and then come into your octave of human activity, We see and feel the great

change which has taken place, even in one year. It is truly most encouraging, most

assuring, of the ultimate goal of Victory in the Freedom of mankind from the

chains and limitations of their own creation. After all, the pity is mankind does not

understand that the human activity alone is the only creator of limitation and

inharmony there is. In other words, through the ungoverned activity of the outer,

personalities allow themselves to constantly requalify the Perfect Energy—the Pure

Essence of their own "Mighty I AM Presence" —producing all that is undesirable,

when it is within their ability to keep themselves so harmonized that the Perfect

Intelligence and Energy flowing through the human form could not and would not

be requalified. Therefore it would constantly do Its Perfect Work, not only in

perfecting the human form, causing it to express Divine Perfection, but it would

allow that Purity and Perfection to flow out into the individual's world, producing

the beauty, harmony and success each heart so much craves.

  1. Why does almost everyone desire greater beauty, Perfection and abundance of

every good thing?

  1. Because it is an Inner Recognition of each one's own God-given Dominion, which

everyone can assert at any time. I assure you, Beloved Children of Light, that every

individual can assert his Dominion at any time if he only will—by his recognition

and acceptance of his own "Mighty I AM Presence" — for that enables this Mighty,

Invincible Presence to become the Mighty, Directing Intelligence.

Therefore, do you not see that to this Mighty Presence there is no obstruction

—therefore no struggle, no interference of any kind? This is why the old Scriptural

Statement so long used: "Be still, and know that 'I AM' God," can be made a

dynamic Power in one's Life. This "being still" means the harmonizing and quieting

of the outer mind. In the past year, We have drawn attention to many of the

Scriptural Statements, giving more explanation of their true meaning. This year We

hope to bring forth a full and complete explanation of all the "I AM" Statements

used through the centuries — that mankind may have the evidence before their

own eyes of the Freedom and Dominion which is within their own grasp. We

rejoice and give thanks that this year will release such abundant financial support

for this Work that Boundless Light and Blessings will be brought to mankind. In all

past Golden Ages when the Great Light of the Higher Octaves descended into the

earth, enfolding and dissolving the human creation about individuals, they were so

enabled to reach into the Higher Octaves through the Inner Sight, Hearing and

Feeling that they knew, firsthand, the True Reality; and that the outer form was but

the garment of this All-wise, Supreme Intelligence which the "Mighty I AM

Presence" used to find expression in the denser octave into which the human had

drawn itself.

Can you, O Beloved Students of the Light, even for a few moments, realize what Joy

this brings to the Hearts of the Host of Ascended Masters who have freed

themselves through Self-conscious effort from these same human limitations

which you are now experiencing? As these Beloved Messengers have come to know

with full assurance that Freedom, so all mankind will one day understand that

everyone can make the necessary, Self-conscious effort in the recognition and

acceptance of this "Mighty I AM Presence" and have this same Freedom.

Do not let anyone of the beloved students make such a mistake as to think that the

"Mighty I AM Presence" is going to act independently of the individual's own Selfconscious

effort. This never is and cannot be done. It is true that after the student

has reached a certain point of attainment, the Law seems to begin to act almost

automatically, but this is only because a charged momentum has been built and

automatically, but this is only because a charged momentum has been built and

established about the individual. Let Me make clear to you now that never until

you have made the Ascension do you cease to make conscious application for your

own Freedom.

Today I am going over some of these simple, yet All-powerful acknowledgments of

the Truth because I wish every student under this Radiation to have a copy of this

—so each one may read it once a day; for to those who will do this earnestly and

conscientiously, I will give forth My own Individual Radiation to bless them and

assist them to their Freedom.

You have been asked throughout the past year to charge your mind, body, home,

world and activity with the Perfection of the "Mighty I AM Presence." Now, with

your permission, I shall assist you, and also charge your Being and world with this

"Mighty Perfection and Abundance."

"I AM" offering this Assistance to you, O Beloved Students! Let no one be so foolish

as to doubt, for "I AM" the Jesus—the Christ of Galilee that you have known of for

the past two thousand years—who is dictating this Discourse and offering this

Assistance to you.

Again let Me assure you that this Work of

Saint Germain and Myself is entirely different from anything that has been given

forth to the Western World, because in this Work there are no human concepts nor

opinions. It has not been possible to do this heretofore — until the Visible Light and

Sound Rays could be established through which knowledge and instruction could

be given. If you beloved ones, as students, can realize this, how great will be your

Blessing and benefit.

The protection which has been given America and certain other parts of the world

during the past few months has transcended anything I have ever known in My

experience. Oh! if humanity could but realize this, how gladly and willingly would

they cooperate to their utmost to sustain it—so its All-powerful

Activity might ever increase.

We can but call your attention to the Truth, the Reality as We know it to be. When

you can fully accept this Truth and apply it in your world and activity, you will

have all the proof required in your own experience to enable you to know the Full

Power of the Truth of which I have spoken.

To all who can accept this Truth, it will enable Me to charge their consciousness

and fill their worlds and activity with this Truth. They who doubt must wait, for

doubt and fear are the two doors through which every human being must pass to

know and have his Full and Complete Freedom. The key that unlocks these doors is

Divine Love in each one's acknowledgment of his own "Mighty I AM Presence" as

the Fullness of the Power of Divine Love Acting.

The Door to the Seventh Octave of Light stands open to every one of the beloved

students under this Radiation who will make sincere, earnest, Self- conscious

application. This, My Beloved Brothers and Sisters, means your Freedom. Can you,

will you, grasp this with the full Power of your "I AM Consciousness"—and be free?

As "I AM" dictating these Words to the Messengers through amplifiers which your

outer world has not yet known, these Words and this Radiation are going forth

into the mental and feeling world of humanity, which will immediately start into

operation; and as the students and individuals contact these Words from time to

time, they will find an immediate response which will enable them to feel the

Truth and the Reality of which I speak.

Oh! that humanity, who through church service after church service are

acknowledging My Ascension, oh! why can they not feel the True Reality—and

know that in My Ascended, Eternal, Light Body, I can and do reach all who will

open their hearts to My Reception? O Children of Earth! Learn to couple your

feeling of the Truth with the acknowledgment of the Truth that you wish to have

manifest in your Life. Then you will be enabled to go forth to any height

of achievement in your quest for Freedom.

"I AM" the Open Doorway which no man can shutl Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is

"I AM" the Open Doorway which no man can shutl Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is

the Truth, the Way and the Life. Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is the Light that

lighteth every man that cometh into the world. Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is

your Directing Intelligence, your Exhaustless, Sustaining Energy. Your "Mighty I AM

Presence" is the Voice of Truth speaking within your heart; the Light enfolding you

in Its Luminous Presence; your Eternal Belt of Protection through which no human

creation can pass; your Eternal Reservoir of Exhaustless Energy which you can

release at will through your conscious charging. Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is

the Fountain of Eternal Youth and Beauty which you can call into action and

expression in your human form today. Your "Mighty I AM Presence" is your

Resurrection and the Life of your body and of your world of action into that

Perfection which the heart of every human being so much desires.

Listen, O Beloved Students of Light! When you are uttering these Decrees for

yourselves and "I AM" uttering them for you, do you not see that we are doing it

for all the rest of mankind as well as ourselves? That when you issue a Decree of

and through the "I AM," you are issuing that for everyone else as well as

yourselves? This is how the application and expression of the "I AM" becomes allpowerful,

exhaustless in Its Activity, and forever acts beyond the realm of human

selfishness. Why? Because you are asking for every one of God's children the same

Perfection which you are calling into action for yourselves.

This is not possible except in the use of the "I AM" Statements and Application, for

acting within the "I AM Presence" takes you instantly out of the activity wherein

there is human selfishness. This is why the earnest, sincere student who will cast

out all doubt and fear will find himself or herself acting within a sphere of

positive, definite activity which knows no delay or lack of accomplishment in

anything. Then, O Beloved Ones! do you not see how you are then acting in a

World of Infallibility, wherein your Decrees enable the Full Power of the "I AM" to

move into action, causing all human inharmony and limitation to move out?

I now voice the Decree that the Host of Ascended Masters and students issued last

night at the Royal Teton: "Such Freedom, Health, Prosperity and Harmonious

Action shall come forth for America and the world as have never before been

experienced on earth!"

The students who will join Us in this Decree will render a service which will bless

them throughout the ages. Only became America is the Cup—the Holy Grail —do We

often speak of America first. All should know without question that what blesses

America blesses the world. An Activity, a Radiance such as has not been known

since the height of the last Golden Age on Atlantis was sent forth from the

Conclave at the Royal Teton, the description of which Saint Germain will give you

later. The Fullness of my Love, Light and Blessing I leave with yourselves, all the

students and all mankind; that the Light within each heart may be so quickened

that you and they will no longer know limitation of any kind, and the Light

becomes so powerful that Its very Radiance consumes all human creation

accumulated through the past or present, setting all forever free. My Love enfolds

all forever, JESUS THE CHRIST

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