Discourse 33

Discourse 33 July 4, 1932


INVOCATION: Mighty, Sustaining, Enfolding Presence! We give praise and thanks

for Thy Life Everlasting, Thy Youth Eternal, Thy Light Illumining.


O America! WE LOVE YOU! Mighty Seed of God's Eternal Manifestation, we give

praise and thanks that Thou art sustained and governed by God alone. The day on

which independence within thy heart was established, thou didst become a

Radiating Center of Light to all humanity. We give praise and thanks that out of all

will come peace and prosperity to mankind in thy embrace. Back of thee is the

Power that will sustain and maintain the Reign of God on earth. His Light shall

illumine and strengthen the hearts of thy children in all ruling places; and out of

all shall come Love, Justice and Wisdom. America! We love you. America! We love

you. America! We love you. America! We love you. America! We love you. Today, O

America, those Mighty Messengers of God who have passed before look upon thee

with their hearts filled with Love and Strength, the Love of the "Mighty I AM

Presence" flowing forth to heal, to bless and to prosper thy inhabitants. The very

substance of earth is being quickened into greater activity, and as the Children of

God walk the earth, so shall they feel the Current of God flowing in, quickening

them into greater Love, Loyalty and desire for thy Freedom. O America! Thou dost

seem to have become bound, but thou art not. Thou art entering into thy Great

Freedom. Thou dost seem in the throes of pain, but thou wilt be born into that

great peace, health, happiness and prosperity. We give praise and thanks that this

is God's Wisdom—"The Mighty I AM Presence" speaking.

The Christ Child enfolding thee America has grown into Majesty and Power. It no

longer pleads, but commands obedience of all that is of the outer to the service of

the Inner Presence. The Power of Divine Love governs thee and consumes all unlike

Itself. America! We give praise and thanks that thou art a Great Jewel within the

Heart of God, the Lamp of Illumination, lighted by the "Mighty I AM Presence," the

Chalice, the Crystal Cup, holding within Its Pure Radiance the Freedom, Peace,

Health, Prosperity and Illumination of those who dwell within thy embrace. May

all the world feel thy Radiance and be blest by It. Peace! Peace! Peace! And on earth

Goodwill to man. ARCTURUS


I would suggest that sometime each day you think of yourself as a radio station

sending forth Peace and Goodwill to all mankind. Know that in this Mighty

Consciousness, the Limitless Power of the "Mighty I AM Presence" flows forth to

each individual and gives that which he is ready to receive, bringing

enlightenment and decision to everyone. Be conscious that your own minds are

such powerful Divine Centers that at any time you can make quick, unerring

decisions through the Power of Divine Love. Recognize that your mind is but a

vehicle of the Great Master Presence of the "MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE" within; and

that it is to obey that Inner Presence at all times. Command it always to act with

decision, alertness and quickness, and that all human sense of wavering be forever



Today is a focal point of ten thousand years —the beginning of another cycle of ten

thousand years—in which the Great Ones from Venus who have always been

instrumental in the uplift of humanity and our earth, this day come forth and

pour out to humanity throughout the earth a Mighty Radiance. This will bring

about more quickly a greater stabilization and confidence in the hearts of many

about more quickly a greater stabilization and confidence in the hearts of many

public officials. It will cause them to have a strong, unwavering desire to

reestablish America in confidence and prosperity, and make them feel a deeper

Love and loyalty for her progress than ever before. Many will have learned that

they cannot rule humanity with a ruthless hand, for they are seeing that the

inroad of control which they had desired to gain over others is returning to

themselves for redemption. If this lesson can be impressed upon them sufficiently,

a great calamity will have been averted. In this quickening period, things can be

done in the short period of twenty years that would ordinarily require a hundred


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