Discourse 4

Discourse 04 October 13, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty Consuming Flame of God! We bow before Thy

Mighty Majestic Power! We rejoice in Thy Directing Wisdom! We rejoice in Thy

Presence in the heart of every one of God's Messengers that go forth to direct His

Service and Energy to the blessing of mankind. We give praise and thanks that Thy

Presence has changed the tide of things, and that Thou art as always, the Mighty

Governing Intelligence.

We give praise and thanks that Thy Consuming Fire and Thy Creative Activity

dwelling in the heart of every one of us are ready to be loosed by the conscious

desire into action. We give praise and thanks that Thou art the Consuming

Presence everywhere; that " 'I AM' there and 'I AM' here, and 'I AM' the Power that

makes all things clear."

"I AM" the Majestic Presence, "I AM" the Conquering Power, "I AM" Thy Mighty

Energy, Thy Consuming Flame each hour.

I bring Greetings to you all from the Heart of the Creative Fire.


The Creative Fire that "I AM" is the Flame of God, His Master Presence, anchored

in the heart of every one of God's children. While in some It is but a spark, yet

with the right touch, that spark can be fanned into a Creative Fire and Consuming


This Mighty Presence, God, in Its myriad activities, is the Omnipresent Activity

that all may use without limit if they only will dismiss from their recognition the

outer appearance, which is but an appearance, and take their attention away from

that which has bound them through endless years.

Today, the Scepter of Power and Authority stands in the atmosphere before the

Single Eye of every advancing student. At first they may reach up mentally and

take the Scepter of Authority, using It in this way, until before they are scarcely

aware of it they will find It tangible and visible in their use at times.

It is no idle promise that those seeking the Light may again receive this

Dominion. When we go through a footpath in the forest, we know we may return

the same way if we wish, but we must make the decision. So after hundreds of

years of search in the outer for power and authority, we find that anything that

seems to be so is but shifting sand, and tomorrow it may be gone.

By the rejoicing acceptance of your God Dominion, you may step firmly upon the

sure foundation of the Rock of Truth, which is God, and from which no outer

disturbance can ever shake you—once you know from actual experience.

Students of Truth wonder why they cannot hold a firm anchor in their decision

to hold fast to the God Presence, which is their Dominion. They do not analyze

their outer expression to see what is lurking there to cause disturbance, question

and doubt; but for those who will take the authority which is theirs and probe

deep into their motives, it will be so easy to pluck out the tares from the Golden

Grain and soon be free from the disturbance that causes them to doubt themselves

and the very Presence of God which beats their hearts.

When students will be honest enough with themselves and their God, the "I AM

Presence," to pluck out by the roots anything that is causing disturbance within

them and be able to feel the Mighty Light and Radiance of the Great God Self, they

will require little effort in loosing the "Great I AM Presence" in Love and

Intelligence—which is an ever- sustaining Power in strength, assurance, or

whatever they may need —in order to hold their feet firm upon the Rock of Truth,

which is one of the Great Jewels in God's Kingdom. Its Dazzling Radiance will

enfold them upon the slightest invitation.

enfold them upon the slightest invitation.

O Students of today! Hold fast to this Mighty

Presence which beats your hearts, whose Life flows through your veins, whose

Energy flows through your mind! You have free will and can qualify and bless it to

your Perfection or imperfection. Always remember that through your failure to

turn to this Mighty Presence—by which you find you have created inhar- mony and

disorden—you must give yourselves ample time to gain the full recognition of this

Mighty Power and give It full activity in your Life.

Do not become impatient because things do not work out as rapidly as you

would like them to. They can only work according to the speed of your acceptance

and the intensity of your feeling.

The Mighty Energy that surges through your mind into your body is the Pure

Electronic Energy of God, the "Mighty I AM Presence." If your thought is joyously

held upon your God Self as the Source of your Being and Life, that Pure Electronic

Energy continues to act unabated, uncontaminated by human, discordant

qualification; but knowingly or unknowingly, if you let your thought begin to

gather from the discord by which it is so often surrounded, you change the color

and quality of this Radiant Pure Energy.

It must act, and you are the one who shall choose how it shall act to you. Don't

ever think you can get away from this simple fact. It is an Immutable Law of God,

and no human being can ever change It. Students must understand and maintain

this attitude

if they wish to make steady progress.

I tell you beloved students, you may rage and doubt and fear and rebel all you

please at Self-correction; but it is the open door to your Mighty Illumination and

Freedom from all limitation in the outer world of activity.

There are a great many students, when they come to a certain point of

understanding—where all the results of their activity are revealed to them and they

look upon the many mistakes that have been made which must be corrected

—become despondent, critical, and condemnatory to themselves and God. This is a

great mistake again. Everything that is revealed to them in which they find they

have been making a mistake should make them rejoice exceedingly—that the things

are revealed which need correcting. Knowing that God is the Power to think, then

they know they have the Power to correct this and should joyfully set to work to

do so.

The Power of God's Life which beats their hearts is absolute proof that they have

the Intelligence and Power of God within them by which they may dissolve and

consume all the mistakes and discordant creation they have consciously or

unconsciously drawn about them. They may say to this undesirable creation: " 'I

AM' the Mighty Consuming Flame that now and forever consumes all past and

present mistakes, their cause and effect, and all undesirable creation for

which my outer is responsible."

It seems so strange that students seem to have such difficulty in fixing the

anchorage and recognition of the Limitless Power they are wielding when they say

"I AM." When the intellect, which is the outer activity, knows this, then the

students should intensify it with all their power by the intense feeling of the Truth

of this. Then they would find greatly added speed and Power in their active use. I

tell you, Dear Students, you have come to a time when you can use this Power with

great authority to free yourselves from the chains of limitation that have bound

you so long.

Set about it with joyous determination to put your house in order. If you were

going to have a distinguished guest, I doubt not that you would spend days

working earnestly—cleaning, washing, polishing, and preparing for this guest. How

much more important it is to prepare for this Great Prince of Love and Peace—the

Prince of Consuming Fire that dwells within you and controls the element of fire.

When one thinks of Oromasis, Prince of the Fiery Element, it is the Flame of

Creative Fire within that is calling to Him for Assistance in the quickening of this

Creative Fire within that is calling to Him for Assistance in the quickening of this

Creative Power—and brings results unimaginable.

There has been no time in My Memory when there was so much natural

assistance at hand for the student of Light for his use as there is at this time, and

the students should take advantage of this with joyous intensity.

When you speak in the Name, Power, and Authority of the "Mighty I AM," you

are releasing limitless energy to do your bidding to fulfill your desire. Why longer

allow doubt and fear to beset you when " 'I AM' the Open Door which no man can

shut into the great Opulence of God—waiting, surging to press forward to heal, to

bless, and to prosper you arbundantly." Dare to be, to feel, to use this Mighty

Authority—God in youl

Beloved Students, do you not realize that you can express Perfection by taking

your determined stand with sufficient intensity that: " 'I AM' the Mighty Electronic

Energy flowing through, filling and renewing every cell of my mind and body

—right now." Do you not see, with sufficient intensity of this, in a few minutes or

hours you could dispel any disturbing condition in the mind or body and allow

that Mighty, Pure Energy to do its work, uncolored, unaffected by any discordant

element in your own thought?

You can renew any nerve, any organ, and build any member of the body into its

Perfection almost immediately. Oh why not feel this, apply It, and as you begin to

experience the remarkable results, your confidence will leap into its Perfect

Activity, and your mind will have all confidence in this Mighty Presence and Power

and Its omnipresent limitless use.

When there is a seeming lack of energy, take your determined, joyous stand: " 'I

AM' the Mighty

Presence of this Alert, Radiant Energy, surging through my mind and body,

dismissing everything unlike Itself. I take my stand in this Alert, Radiant Energy

and Joy for all time." You can pass this Pure Energy through your mind and body as

I would pass My Hand down before you.

At first, because you do not seem to feel any great magnetic electronic force pass

over you, does not in any way indicate that you have not received this Mighty

Energy which you have commanded with authority to flow through your mind and


One may say the same thing to his affairs that may not be according to his desire

for Perfect Expression. The student can stand and call forth the Mighty Presence of

the "I AM"; send It forth into his business and world; command It to consume

everything unlike Itself, and replace all with the Mighty Perfection of God—which

"I AM"; command It to be Self- sustained, and cause that Perfection to manifest his

unceasing authority and power, and cleanse his world of every discordant thing,

for " 'I AM' the Supreme Authority, God in Action."

One does not need to do this with any tension, or to the extent that he creates

tension in the action of the body, but he can rise in the Supremacy and Dignity of

the Authority of God, and cleanse everything needing it. In doing this, one need not

speak in a loud voice, but in a very low, masterful tone.

Stand in the room by yourself and declare: " 'I AM' Master of my world. 'I AM'

the Victorious, Intelligence governing it. I send forth into my world this Mighty,

Radiant, Intelligent Energy of God. I command It to create all Perfection—to draw

to me the Opulence of God made visible in my hands and use. 'I AM' no longer the

Babe of Christ, but the Master Presence grown to Full Stature, and I speak and

command with authority."

Thus one may consume the mistakes and imperfection he may have created, and

in the authority of the "I AM," recreate —immediately—the Perfection he desires.

Know that it is constantly Self-sustained, so long as you do not intrude upon it the

discordant activity of your thought and feeling.

I want so much to have you feel that you are the Only Authority in this world or

any other, so far as your world is concerned. Do not ever fear that the perfecting

of your world is going to disfigure anyone else's world, so long as your intent is

of your world is going to disfigure anyone else's world, so long as your intent is

not to harm anyone. It does not matter what the world about you says, or how

much they try to intrude upon you their doubts, fears and limitations. You are the

Supreme Authority in your world, and all you have to do is to say, when you are

beset by those conditions: " 'I AM' the Mighty, Magic Circle of Protection about me

that is Invincible and repels from me every discordant thought and element which

seeks to find entrance or intrude itself. 'I AM' the Perfection of my world, and it is


O Beloved OnesI It is no longer necessary to wonder, waver, and question: " 'I

AM' the Authority." Go on—dare to be—and use this Authority of God which is

expressing in the "I AM" of everything. Why not be fearless? You have been

wanting the Presence of the Great Ascended Ones: " 'I AM' the Visible Presence of

those greatly beloved Ascended Masters whom I wish to have appear here to me,

and whose Assistance I desire."

You have come to the point where you can dismiss all discord from your minds.

Fill your minds with this Pure Electronic Essence, and no discord can enter—so long

as you keep it filled with this "Presence." I tell you again, you are the Authority in

your world, and if your thought is filled with this Essence, then no discord will

touch it. We are going to take this Authority and use it, clear away all discord, and

declare with no uncertainty: " 'I AM' the Supremacy of man, everywhere I go! 'I AM'

God in Action."

BENEDICTION: Mighty Creative Fire, we give praise and thanks for Thy Great

Omnipresence today, to heal, to bless, and to prosper everywhere. Enter into the

hearts of mankind with Thy Creative Presence and Genius, and let the Full Divine

Justice of Thy Supremacy reign throughout the land in all official places. See that

all authority is in the hands of Thy trained and trusted Messengers; that they may

govern fully all governmental offices in America, and be ever divinely sustained;

that America be healed, blessed, and forever prosper; that all sinister influence be

consumed and forever repelled from within the borders of America.


The Host of Angels rejoice at the return of the wanderer who has come back

home—who has sought authority so long in the outer, and found only husks. After

his energy is wasted, he comes back home, and there is the Fountain to recharge,

rebuild him against all the discrepancies called old age. Thus you can stand forth

renewed again in the fullness of Youth and Power, for such is The Way of Life

—God's Life.

It keeps the most marvelous vibratory action expressing for each one to speak

gently. It is perfectly wonderful if you could see the Inner action of it.

Let each one enter into the Happiness and Love of Perfect Obedience, and liberate

the Great Power of God. If one just lets go of the outer and enters into the Inner,

every discord lets go at once.

ETHERIC CITIES: Over the principal deserts there are Etheric Cities. Over the

Arizona desert is the Etheric City in America. There is one over the Sahara and one

over the Gobi.

The one over Brazil is the Etheric City for South America.

Humanity should know and be made to realize that again, again, and again, the

inhabitants of cities pass out through so-called death and re-embody in that same

place, because attachments have been formed that draw them back into the same

environment again. The student who has to re-embody should take the command

that: "The next time I will be born into a family of Great Light." This would open

the door to great speed in his progress.