Discourse 5

Discourse 05 October 17, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty Infinite Presence - Thou All-Pervading Healing

Presence! Descend and do Thy Work. Thou Mighty Infinite Intelligence! Give forth

Thy Confidence and Strength! Fill the mind and body of each one with Thy Radiant

Presence! Fill every cell with Thy Radiant Presence! Prove Thy Presence in Thy

Conquering Mastery and Power. Mighty Master Presence within each one —come

forth! Erase this outer human self and hold Thy Dominion now and forever. There

is but One Intelligence, Presence, Essence and Love, and this Thou art. Pour forth

Thy Radiance through these outer cloaks of flesh and command Thy Perfection to

thus be manifest and sustained.

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, ever shedding their Radiance and


Take the Command: " 'I AM' the Pure Electronic Essence that fills my mind and

body, and I brook nothing else." God in you is Master of all conditions at all times.

Say often: " 'I AM' always the Victorious Presence of the Mighty 'I AM.' "

Feel the mighty current of Electronic Essence fill your mind and body, erasing

instantly all inharmonious activity, and giving you the Consciousness of Mastery

and Victory.

Command: "Divine Presence! Pour Thy Radiance through this mind and body, and

see that Thy Wisdom directs always in every outer activity."


Let us be conscious of the Healing Radiance filling this home. The great need

today is the healing of the nations and of individuals. As the individual is given

Assistance through the outpouring of the Electronic Energy through the mind and

body and filling every cell, so in an expanded degree is the nation treated likewise.

The nation is a great body of individuals and of Nature's creations. We have the

same power, being the individualized Presence of God. Then we know: " 'I AM'

everywhere present, and when my consciousness takes on this expansion, I know

Its energy leaps into action everywhere, in the cells of the body of the world as

well as in the body of the individual." We must come to know that the Active

Presence of God, All-Powerful, is everywhere present; that there is not a single

nook nor corner anywhere that the Active Presence of God is not; that this Active

Presence seizes and binds all human creation and consumes instantly everything of

an inharmonious and undesirable nature.

With the use of the Electronic Belt surrounding the individual, he must

understand that he can make this an absolutely Invincible Protection; through Its

Protection, Divine Wisdom acts, repelling everything through our conscious action

that shall not be taken into the system, and that this Omnipresent Wisdom and

Intelligence is always prompting us to refuse acceptance of anything into the

system, either through feeling, thought, or food that would in anywise disturb its

harmonious activity.

The Natural Activity of the Currents of Life play everywhere like the play of a

searchlight. The outer activity should at all times be an invitation to the receptivity

of the Currents of Life, which are Pure Cosmic Energy and which are ever flowing

through the atmosphere of the earth.

It is true that where there are conditions too dense for It to penetrate, It goes

over or under them, so to speak, and finds Its way onward just the same. Every

individual, since the beginning of this year, should come to understand that he is

walking and moving constantly within the reach of Mighty Healing Currents.

Through the Power of Cyclopea, the Secret Love Star, and the Rays from the Golden

City, currents of Healing Force of tremendous Power are consciously directed

City, currents of Healing Force of tremendous Power are consciously directed

through the atmosphere of the earth. These, you will understand, by their very

nature, being the Energy of God in Action, are therefore Self-sustained.

The consciousness in the individual of their presence will enable him to contact

these Rays at any time.

Students who have a feeling of patriotism and who wish to help the nation

should take the stand that these Healing Currents reach not only individuals, but

carry into conditions, environment and official places like an Intelligent Flame, and

are doing a work for the protection and uplift of the children of earth not

heretofore set into such powerful action since the creation of this planet.

The more individuals become truly and sincerely conscious of this operation, the

more can they become mighty Messengers of assistance in this most unusual


Through the conscious manifestation of the mental forces back of the

communists is the sinister influence with which We are dealing in the outer

world's activity. Those who wish to be true Messengers will meditate upon this

idea until they have grasped the full import of it. They will use their conscious

effort, knowing that these Currents of Consuming Electronic Energy consciously

directed through the atmosphere of the earth cannot be interfered with; and that

in every sincere, conscious effort of the individual —in his desire to give his

assistance —there will flow a consciousness of this Energy that he has not hitherto


Sometimes there are individuals of such a nature, that while wonderfully kind

and willing, the sudden consciousness that they need to let go of certain kinds of

food or other activity is a sort of shock to them. I would say to these individuals

that the Divine Intelligence within each one will cause them to naturally let go of

the things not in accordance with this Great Presence at every step of the way

when it is necessary. In order for an individual to consciously let go of a thing, he

must have something that he feels is stronger to which he can anchor. As students

become conscious of this, the confidence and strength will come to them to take

the step.

As I suggested once before, I would consciously, at least once or more a day,

stand on the floor and charge the home with this Pure Electronic Energy—and keep

it charged—so that God's very Presence will keep out of the home, food, thought,

any kind of presence, and everything that is not in accordance with the desires


I would suggest that whenever you find someone is coming you take the

consciousness: " 'I AM' the Pure Radiance of Divine Love enfolding these

individuals, and this Garment enfolds them when they come and when they leave."

When you are conscious of this, you clothe them and they will wear this Garment

into the home and out of it; and for them it will be a sustaining power.

Those who come into your home are deserving of assistance, and this will enable

them to receive the full assistance they desire and you will love to give.

No matter how great the knowledge attained, we at no time ever have the right

to force either the knowledge or the discipline upon anyone. Only as students

apply what they hear and receive can they ever know the Reality.

When you say "I AM," you acknowledge the Power that breaks down all barriers

and conditions of opposition. This human self is just like a starving lion in the

jungle. It will tear anything to get what it wants to eat. In this state, the human

consciousness will tear its best friend to pieces to get its own way.

In any astral element there is that human desire element through which, unless

one shuts his mind entirely to the astral world, will constantly find himself

interrupted in a good decision—because he has left that door open to a force far

more subtle than is ever found in the outer world. Many think there are good

forces in the astral world. I tell you, no good force ever comes from the astral

world. Any good force that seems to come from there must come through it; but it

makes its own Tunnel of Light through which it comes.

makes its own Tunnel of Light through which it comes.

In the first place, what makes the astral world? There is only one place where the

undesirable creation can find a home, and that is the next step to the human

activity, which is the astral realm. This realm of astral activity has within it all

undesirable creation accumulated through the centuries. Therefore, it is easy to see

at once that no good comes from any contact with the astral realm. IT HAS


There is as wide a difference between the astral realm of activity and what some

call the Star Astral as there is between Light and darkness. However, the so-called

Star Astral is again misunderstood. It is really called "Star Astrea." It is really an

Activity, not a realm, and it is from the fourth sphere. The "Star Astrea" is a Cosmic

Being whose Work it is to consume all possible within the astral realm, and to

reach individuals whose attention seems to be drawn there. This Great Being will

sooner or later clear the understanding of such individuals and consume their

desire for any contact with that unhappy realm. No little children remain in the

astral realm. The home of children who leave the earth is in the etheric realm.

People who are in the body are in the same sphere when they sleep as the

disembodied. There is a Sustaining Consciousness of the "I AM Presence" which, if

one goes forth with It on going to sleep, through that sustaining Power one can

reach unbelievable Heights. If you have the Consciousness through the outer

expression of this "I AM Presence," and you take this Consciousness with you as

you go into the other realms, It is a Sustaining Presence that is unbelievable.

There is an activity in the experience Life that demands the conscious recognition

and use of the "I AM Presence," of God in Action. When you take that

Consciousness with you through the veil of sleep, the soul is able to function out

of the body with almost limitless Power.

Suppose there is a seeming need in the physical activity. Before going to sleep we

can say this: "Through the Mighty Power and Intelligence which 'I AM,' I go forth

while my body sleeps, make conscious contact with, and abundantly fulfill this

requirement, no matter what it is."

Knowing that this activity is Self-sustained, it cannot fail in any way. It is a

mighty way of setting into motion the "I AM Presence." Whatever the "I AM"

commands while the body sleeps must be obeyed.

I knew of one instance of this kind when there was need of protection. The one

using it had a certain consciousness of this Presence. The individual was falling

over a cliff, and this "I AM Presence" instantly built up a form, caught the

individual, and took him back to safety.

When one enters the conscious path and goes into any environment where there

might be danger, one should always do some quick, definite work on his

protection; for until one raises the body, he is always functioning more or less

where he is contacting the outer thought of humanity. If the student be climbing

the mountains, he must do conscious protective work. He must do the protective

work, and do it consciously.

If the student will always keep up his conscious protection, he will be able to

avoid the destruction of other individuals.

Steamship Protection: "God is the Almighty Power protecting and directing this

steamship; therefore, it moves in a zone of absolute safety." On the conscious path,

you must be up and in action all the time. There are some who might think this is

a suggestion of fear, but it is not. It is a recognition of the Omnipresent Protective


Autos: "God is All-seeing and All-knowing, sees ahead, and will naturally avoid

undesirable contact." When you say: "God is driving this car," the Vision of God

goes ahead, sees blocks and miles ahead, and the prompting will come to go to the

street which is clear. "Because God is driving this car, our path is unobstructed in

every way."

There are two reasons why students have accidents. First, because they have

become angry and opened the door. Second, because the student has lain down on

become angry and opened the door. Second, because the student has lain down on

the job.

Whenever we do a thing with a positive, dynamic attitude, it gives confidence to

the outer, and it cannot fail.

To project an Electronic Belt around another, say: " 'I AM' the Protective

Electronic Belt around "

When you say," 'I AM' the Protective Ring or Belt," it means that the Electronic Belt

is instantly formed— invincible. Realize that when you say "I AM," whatever is

commanded is All-Powerfully, instantly done. You cannot use the "I AM Presence"

without having instantaneous Activity.

Often say: " 'I AM' the Omnipresent, All-Powerful, Protecting Intelligence

governing this mind and body." It is instantly omnipresent there in action when

you say "I AM." The "I AM" which is everywhere present is at that point doing the

work that moment. This is the way you set into action by the most direct means

the All-Powerful Action of the "I AM," which is All in All.

Constantly remind the outer consciousness that when you say "I AM," you have

set into action all the attributes of the Godhead.

You are now at a point when you should have instantaneous activity. When you

say, "I AM" in any condition, it means that instant action is taking place there by

the Greatest Power in the Universe. The moment you become conscious that "I

AM" is the Full Activity of God—containing all the attributes of the Godhead—you

do that moment have the full use of this Mighty Power.

Use often: " 'I AM' the Presence producing this Master Home." Get the

consciousness of the Mighty

Presence you are calling forth when you are using the "I AM." I have always loved

to specify what I wanted to do. If I want health in my body I say: " 'I AM' the

Presence charging this body with Pure, Electronic Energy."

When you say: " 'I AM' the Ascension of this physical body right now," then you

have accepted and entered into that action right now. When you are striving for

the Light in unlimited action, you are striving for the Greatest Thing in the world.

Fill your world with the Presence which "I AM," and when you do this, feel you are

doing it consciously.

If one will take the consciousness: " 'I AM' the Perfect Activity of every organ

and cell of my body," then it must manifest. You have but to be conscious of this,

and it must be.

Use often: " 'I AM' Perfect Health now manifest in every organ of my body." Put

your confidence in your "I AM" instead of some thing. Suppose you want great

intelligent activity, say: " 'I AM' the Perfect Intelligent Activity in this body." You

cannot do this looking to something outside.

To clear the mind, eyes, and ears:

" 'I AM' the Perfect Intelligence active in this brain."

" 'I AM' the Perfect Sight looking through these eyes."

" 'I AM' the Perfect Hearing through these ears."

Go at these treatments with determination and they cannot fail. You have the

reins, now use them! Avoid all use of words that seem to be a reminder of limited


When you are conscious of the "I AM," you don't care what anyone in this world

does. You must not be concerned about anything but your world. For squaring the

circle, use the "I AM" Activity. Pay no attention to what anyone says. Just say

specifically what you want to produce.

Say again and again: " 'I AM' the only Presence acting in this."

Say: " 'I AM' the only Presence acting in my world."

For finding things: " 'I AM' the Intelligence and All-Seeing Eye which finds this."

You will be amazed at the feeling that grows within when you do not have to

look to anything but the "I AM."

Wipe out of your mind everything but the conscious operation of the "I AM," for

It is the most Potent Power possible.

It is the most Potent Power possible.

Get the sense of ease about producing these seeming miracles.

Suppose you want to illumine a room. Say: " 'I AM' the illumination of this room."

Then you act upon the electrons in the room. The

illumining of the atmosphere of a room is as easy as raising your hand. Your ability

to illumine a room is just as easy as physically illumining it through the electric

lamp. You can just as easily plug into the Universal current of electricity as

through the wires.

To make visible the illumination within your own body say: " 'I AM' the visible

illumination through this body now." Right within yourself is a focal point.

The "I AM" in you created everything in the Universe.

When you enter into the Confidence of the "I AM," It will soon do away with all

obstruction. Use often: " 'I AM' the Consuming Power and Presence of every bit of

fear, doubt, and questioning in my outer activity concerning this Invincible Activity

of the 'I AM.' " Keep this up, and you will always know instantly what to do. You

can take this and use it, and thus remove every obstruction to the "I AM" Activity.

When you operate consciously, you know positively it is done.

The consciousness of an individual clothes the form with that individual's own

concepts of it. When these are drawn about an individual who has generated a

certain energy, they impose upon him nothing but the things in his own world.

Whenever you feel a sudden joy impulse, grasp it, use it, and decree.

BENEDICTION: Thou Mighty, Infinite Intelligence! We give praise and thanks for

Thy Mighty Comprehension and Mighty Manifestation in the consciousness of

those present. We give praise and thanks that "I AM" the Perfect Understanding in

operation, and that "I AM" everywhere present, performing all required to be done.

"I AM" the Illumination of everyone who looks to me. "I AM" the Radiant

Intelligent Activity in the minds of all mankind. "I AM" the Master acting in the

brain of everyone of humanity, causing Divine Love, Justice, Peace, Harmony and

Perfection to manifest to our Beloved America.

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