Discourse 7

Discourse 07 October 24, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, Silent Watcher! Even as Thou hast before Thee the

Cosmic Crystal, send forth Thy Rays, anchoring them in the hearts of God's

Children. Teach them obedience to the Great Cosmic Laws. Teach them obedience to

the Light. Fill their hearts and minds with Thy Peace, with Thy Silence, with Thy

Poise. Let the rejoicing of Thy Heart fill their hearts, every one—even to

overflowing—with Thy Substance and Pure Electronic Force that brings with It Thy

Immeasurable Infinite Blessings.

Let each one feel Thy Omnipresent, Watchful Care, Thy Sustaining Love, Wisdom

and Power.


I bring you Greetings from the Great Host of Light who watch attentively the

Outpouring of Divine Radiance, whose Great Love, Peace and Light always enfold

you, as Messengers of the Light, giving always strict obedience to the Great Light.

Obedience of all manifestation is the first demand of the Great Host. When the

Command went forth: "Let there be Light!" obedience was the first activity,

consequently Limitless Light was at hand. It is so with all outer activity of the One

Active Principle, God. The first activity of the outer should be to give Perfect

Obedience to that Inner Presence. Thus is it enabled to receive harmoniously the

unadulterated Pure Essence; and so it should be with friends, with relatives, with

associates, and with all outer contact of individuals.

There should always be this wondrous grace of Love, Light and obedience. It

matters not the age of the individual. Still the outer expression often, for its need

is obedience to the Great Inner Light. When the impulse surges forth to argue,

criticize, or feel a resistance, it is your signal that the outer is intruding itself to

demand attention. Then is the time, by the power of your free will, to command

the outer to be silent and obey the "I AM Presence."

It is useless to argue any point. Silence the outer, and then in loving obedience,

give the Instruction. In this way It can come forth unobstructed.

When students have entered the conscious path, the slightest intimation of

disturbance or resistance of any kind should be followed instantly by silencing all

outer activity and declaring: " 'I AM' the obedient, intelligent activity in this mind

and body; 'I AM' the governing power and do govern it harmoniously."

It matters not upon what plane or in what sphere of activity the Son of God

—that is, the Son or Daughter of God—acts, obedience to Its Laws, or the

Divine Laws of the sphere in which he is acting, is always imperative to his steady,

onward progress.

Someday, I hope in the near future, We shall take up for consideration the

elements of outer activity which are most disturbing, and the effect of their

activity upon the body. I do not wish to do this however, until the students are

strong enough to hear the Truth of this activity without a single twinge of

resistance or self-condemnation—because to start an activity within the individual

of either condition would be a mistake upon My part.

I spoke some time ago about the student keeping on guard to watch that in an

unguarded moment he did not find himself unknowingly entertaining some

feeling of resistance, criticism, or some activity which he later discovered had been


Every student should constantly use, many times a day, for it only requires a

minute, and silently declare: " 'I AM' the Invincible Guard, established, sustained

and maintained over my mind, my body, my home, my world and my affairs."

Keep conscious that this Guard, being the "I AM Presence," naturally has Infinite

Intelligence. This will establish an Intelligent Guard and activity about you that

Intelligence. This will establish an Intelligent Guard and activity about you that

does not have to be constantly repeated.

Again we come to the point where every time we use the expression "I" or "I

AM," we know that It is the full Power of Love, Wisdom and Intelligence acting.

Use frequently: " 'I AM' the full Liberation of Divine Love acting."

Now as a preparatory activity for the day, I would suggest that the students,

with great joy and firmness, after having refreshed themselves in the morning,

would silently declare—knowing that the Power of the declaration is Self-sustained:

" 'I AM' the governing Love, Wisdom and Power with its attendant Intelligent

Activity which is acting today in every single thing that I think or do. I command

this Infinite Activity to take place every moment and be the sustaining Guard about

me, that I move, speak and act only in Divine Order." Then during the day,

whenever you think of it, take the firm consciousness: " 'I AM' the commanding,

governing Presence, moving everywhere before me during the day—commanding

Perfect Peace and Harmony in all activity."

In this manner you will lock the door open for the continuous Outpouring of

this Inner Intelligent Presence, which will transform your world and keep you

from contacting inharmony of any kind, enabling you to have that steady flow of

Inner Peace and Harmony in all outer contact.

It matters not what the manifestation may be within the body or without, the

student must take his firm stand that his body is the "Temple of the Most High

Living God." This is an Unquestionable Truth, and this attitude consciously

maintained will more rapidly bring the body into the Perfect Activity which was

intended from the beginning. I say to the students in all sincerity, there is no

possible way of attaining a quality or a desired attribute without claiming it. The

outer has drifted into a limited consciousness of declaring it did not have the

desired quality, and of course it could not manifest it under those conditions. The

thought of the student often is, "Well, I have been holding this idea for a long

time, but it doesn't manifest; it doesn't work." This is positive proof that

somewhere in the consciousness there was lurking a doubt —possibly unknown to

the individual.

I tell you that no matter what appears on the surface, if you will continually,

with firm determination, claim the quality, condition or things you desire, and go

right on claiming them with that firm determination, they will find expression in

your use just as certain as you do this; but I cannot urge you too strongly always to

keep on guard in this matter, for the outer, when you have tried a thing for a few

hours, days or months and it seems not to have appeared immediately, begins to

say: "It's no use, if it were going to have acted, it would have by this time." Such a

thing as failure is absolutely impossible when you have set the Power of the "I AM"

— God in you—in action to accomplish a given purpose, if you hold unwaveringly

to it with determination.

Many times I have seen students nearing wonderful achievement, wonderful

Victory and Freedom, and this outer attitude of, "not yet being accomplished"

would rush in, get their attention to such an extent that it would either retard

greatly their progress, or shut the door indefinitely.

The student should compel himself or herself to hold before the mind this Truth:

that when the "I AM" Power and Presence is set in motion, It can no more fail in

Its Accomplishment than the Universe stop its activity. For this "Mighty I AM

Presence" to fail in Its Accomplishment would mean that the Universe would

instantly be thrown into chaos. Such is the Certainty and Power of the "I AM"

accomplishment. It simply cannot fail unless the outer obstructs the way.

Every student should guard with great watchfulness that he does not use the "I

AM" in negative expression, for when you say: " 'I AM' sick, I have failed, 'I AM' not

accomplishing this thing as I should," you are throwing this mighty energy into

action to destroy the thing you wish to accomplish. This always happens whenever

you use the word "I," for that is the release of the Universal Power.

Knowing that the "I AM" is you, then when you say, "My head aches, my stomach

Knowing that the "I AM" is you, then when you say, "My head aches, my stomach

is out of order, my intestinal tract is disturbed," you are throwing the energy into

those parts to act according to the thing you have decreed; for when you say "MY,"

it is the same energy acting, because there is only one person who can say "I" or

"MY," and that is you, decreeing for your world.

Any expression which can only be used for yourself is including the energy and

activity of the "I AM Presence." The correct attitude to take if some organ seems to

be rebellious is to instantly declare and hold fast to it: " 'I AM' the only and Perfect

Energy acting there. Therefore, every appearance of disturbance is instantly

corrected." This is the important point to keep before the student. If, through habit,

you have thought that certain remedial agencies gave assistance, then use these

sparingly until you gain sufficient Mastery to govern entirely by your "I AM


I assure you that even though you think that this remedial agent has given you

relief, it is still the same "I AM Presence" that has given the remedial agency the

power to give you relief. For instance, I have watched the medical world for many

centuries, and when one individual of so-called authority says that a certain

remedy is no longer of use, it is but a short time until it disappears entirely.

The question within the mind of all thinking individuals is that certain herbs or

remedial agencies have a certain natural chemical action corresponding to the

element within the body. I say to you, what gives or makes the chemical affinity?

The Power of your "I AM" which enables you to think!

Thus when you come to go round the circle of activity, you will find that there is

only One Intelligence and Presence acting, and that is the "I AM" — God in you.

Now why not look this Truth square in the face? Take your stand unwaveringly

with the "I AM Presence," God in Action in you, and know that It is the only Life in

you and all things or remedies to which you alone give power.

Is it not much better to go directly to this "Great I AM Presence" and receive Its

All-Powerful, Limitless Assistance which cannot fail, than to give power to

something that leads you around Robin Hood's barn to get assistance from

something in the outer to which you have given the power?

I know it is not easy for students to turn away from old, old habits or

dependence upon certain remedial agencies; but a little thought and meditation

upon this fact will simply compel the outer reason and dependence upon these

outer things to give way completely before the "Great I AM Presence."

There is no way of convincing the student upon this most vital of questions,

except he apply the Wisdom and Knowledge with unwavering determination until

he proves for himself the active Truth of these simple things. There is no one who

can tell to what degree the student can apply this, for only he alone, by trying, may

know. Many times the Inner accumulated energy is such that the student is

amazed with the results when he begins to apply this.

The Oriental phrase for "I AM" is "OM." That means the same thing that "I AM" is

beginning to mean to the Western World. For Myself, I like very much the use of

the "I AM" because Its very expression indicates "God in Action in the individual."

"OM," as understood by the Orientals, is a Universal Presence, and not nearly so

apt to give the student the consciousness of the "I AM Presence" acting in the

individual, as the use of "I AM." This largely explains the reason for the condition

in India today. Hundreds of thousands in India, through the confusion of many

castes, have fallen into the error that the intonation of "OM" was all that was

required in their lives. While this brings a certain activity in hundreds of

thousands of cases, it does not bring the energy of that activity into the

individual's action, and so is of little benefit.

The method of the Ascended Masters throughout the ages from time

immemorial has been the conscious use of the "I AM Presence," the recognition

and full acceptance of God in Action in the individual, which more and more

brings into the individual the Full Intelligent Activity of the God Presence —the



Those Orientals who have reached great attainment, which many of them have,

have become aware of this True Activity through their sincere meditation.

Perhaps the simplest, most powerful single thing that the individual can keep

himself reminded of is that when he says "I AM," he is knowingly or unknowingly,

setting into action within himself the Full, Unadulterated Energy of God.

Energy becomes power through conscious use. The fact that individuals are in

human embodiment is the command to raise the world of the individual into

Perfect Activity. When the consciousness of the individual is raised, everything in

the world of that individual is raised into the Inner Activity.

"O Mani Padme Hum" really means God in Action in the individual. Use the "I

AM" instead of OM at all times, because many of you have been embodied in an

Indian embodiment. At one time you knew that use, and to prevent it calling forth

a lesser use, use the "I AM" now to take you to the Full Height.

Whenever you say "I AM," you are setting the Pure Energy of God into motion,

uncolored by human concepts. This is the only way of keeping the pure energy of

God uncontaminated by human qualification. Enormous results can be had in a

short time by the determined use of these affirmations:

" 'I AM' this Pure Inspiration."

" 'I AM' this Pure 'Light' right here in action." (Visualize this through the body


" 'I AM' this Pure Revelation of everything I want to know."

Hold the reins of power forever within yourself. People are afraid of just

embracing the Great God Power and letting It operate. What is there to fear in

God? Its operation is Pure and Perfect, and if you do not reach out to embrace the

Great Pure God Power, how can you expect to use It and have Perfection? You

must claim It for your own. To say: " 'I AM' the Ascended Being I wish to be now"

immediately enfolds the outer in That Raising Presence. " 'I AM' my Eternal

Liberation now from all human imperfection." Realize who "I AM" is.

You have to use terms of explanation up to a certain point. Know: "This body is

the Temple of the Living God and is ascended now." The human side is such a

doubting, criticizing Thomas. All instruction is but to give the individual student a

chance to prove it within himself by applying and using the explanation of the

"Law" given. Say often: " 'I AM' the Governing Power of this activity, and therefore

it is always normal." There is no human being in the Universe who can recognize

this "I AM Presence" for another. In your recognition of this "I AM Presence" as

who you are, every step you gain is a permanent accomplishment, and there can be

no retrogression.

BENEDICTION: Thou Infinite, All-pervading Presence, whose Active Intelligence

governs all who look unto Thee, fill each one who seeks the Light with

Thy Mighty Inner Light. Hold each one closer and closer in the "Great I AM

Presence," that It fills the world of everyone with Thy Great, Great Perfection; and

that the consciousness of each individual desires only that Great, Great Presence

and Perfection.


All jewels are a high activity of God's Substance. The more intense the fire, the

greater the purifying power. Gold does not long for nor adhere to anything else; all

other metals or alloys cling to it. Gold is this way because it is of a pure element.

In all kinds of fuel activity there is at some point a golden flame. All consuming of

outer substance at some point is always red, for the red color is the throwing off

of the imperfection and impurity. If the impurity were not there, the substance

would go from the outer immediately into the golden flame.