Discourse 8

Discourse 08 October 27, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Mighty, All-Pervading Presence! Thou All-Pervading "I AM"! We

give praise and thanks for the happiness pervading those under this Radiation. We

give praise and thanks that the Simple Key to Perfect Happiness may be given to

bless and to anchor these Children of God into their own firm Dominion. We give

praise for the harmony maintained within each student, and that they feel the

necessity to continue it. We give praise that "I AM" everywhere present, controlling

every outer activity and bringing it into Perfection.

I bring Greetings to you always.


That which everyone seeks is happiness, sometimes called bliss, and yet many who

have sought so earnestly have unknowingly continued to pass by the key to this


The simple key to Perfect Happiness and its inherent sustaining power is Selfcontrol

and Self- correction. This is so easy to accomplish when one has learned he

is the "I AM Presence" and Intelligence controlling and commanding all things.

Surrounding each individual is a thought-world created by him or her. Within this

thought-world is the seed, the "Divine Presence," the "I AM," which is the only

acting Presence there is in the Universe, and which directs all energy. This energy

can be intensified beyond any limit through the conscious activity of the


The "Divine Presence" within is likened unto the pit or seed of a peach; the

thought-world around It unto the pulp of the peach. The pulp represents not only

the thought-world created by the individual, but also the Universal Electronic

Substance, ever present, waiting to be acted upon by the conscious determination

of the individual—to be precipitated into his visible use as the form of whatsoever

he may desire.

The sure pathway to the understanding and use of this conscious power comes

through Self-control. What do I mean by Self-control? First, the recognition of the

"I AM Intelligence" as the only Acting Presence. Second, that knowing this, we

know there is no limit to the power of Its use. Third, that individuals, having been

given free will and choice, do create in the world about them whatsoever their

thought, through their attention, is held firmly upon.

The time has arrived when all must understand that thought and feeling are the

only and Mightiest Creative Power in Life or in the Universe. Thus the only way to

the definite use of the full power of one's thought and feeling, which is God in

Action, is through Self-control—Self-correction—by which one may quickly reach

the attainment, the understanding whereby he may direct and use this Creative

Thought- power without any limit whatsoever.

When sufficient Self-control is attained, it enables individuals to hold the thought

steady upon a given desire, likened unto the flame of an acetylene torch held

immovable. Thus thought and feeling held upon a given desire unwaveringly, with

the consciousness that it is the "I AM Presence and Intelligence" thinking—that it is

God in Action—then will they understand that they may bring into visibility,

precipitate into visibility, whatsoever they desire.

It has been proved in a thousand ways that the effect of a thing cannot bring

happiness. Only by the understanding of the cause operating may the individual

become Master of his world. Each individual, knowing that he is the Creator of his

own world and what he wishes to have manifest in it, will understand that he has

at no time any right to create anything discordant in another's world. Thus is each

individual left free to meet the effect of his own creative cause.

I rejoice exceedingly to see the success with which each student under this

I rejoice exceedingly to see the success with which each student under this

Radiation is coming into the Mastery and control of the outer self. Here I must say

to them: Beloved Students! could you but understand and see the Magnificent

Splendor of achievement before you through asserting Self-control over the outer

activity, you would bend every effort, every moment to attaining Control and

Mastery over all outer expression.

Thus will you be enabled to maintain the needed harmony through which the

Inner Mighty Power of the "I AM Presence" is liberated into your conscious and

visible use. Let us disabuse the minds of these beloved students of the sense of

time, distance and space.

The Key which opens the entrance to all higher spheres above you lies in the

simplicity and firmness of this Self-control. All students should dwell earnestly

upon the Great Truth that: "Where your consciousness is, there you are, for 'I AM'


Long dwelling in consciousness that there was space, great distance, or that there

is time, is all but the outer creation of man. Therefore, to step through this

gossamer veil that separates your outer consciousness from its Full Inner Power

and Activity is but a state of thought and feeling.

Those who are reaching to the "Light" so earnestly, desiring to live in and be

"Children of the Light," are dwelling constantly in these Higher Spheres. The

beauty of these spheres surpasses the fondest imagination of the outer

consciousness. When you enter them consciously and at will you will find all

creation there just as tangible as your physical buildings are here.

To take your firm stand: " 'I AM' the Power of my complete Self-control, forever

sustained," will make it easier for you to gain this Mastery. Students must be

conscious that when they recognize the "I AM Presence" acting, it is impossible for

It to be interrupted or interfered with in any way. Know there is no time nor

space; then the knowing of the vastness of Eternity is within your grasp. To enter a

Higher Sphere than your physical world in full consciousness is but an adjusting or

changing of your consciousness. How do we do this?

Answer: By knowing we are consciously there.

Affirm often: "Through the Power of the Electronic Circle which I have created, 'I

AM' no longer touched by any doubts or fears. I joyously grasp the Scepter which 'I

AM' and step boldly forth into any of these Higher Spheres that I wish, retaining

perfectly clear conscious memory of my activity there."

In this way one may quickly find himself enjoying Limitless Freedom and the

Perfect Happiness of being active in any sphere he chooses.

To be aware of what is a thousand years in advance is as easily and readily

attained, in fact more so, as going to your library in search of a book.

The great delusion the outer consciousness of mankind has built up, creating time

and space in its belief, has been the great stumbling block to humanity's Freedom.

Those who have reached the great disillusionment, that wealth, or the outer effect

of things, cannot bring happiness, will understand with great blessing that within

their own Creative thought, power and feeling are held Perfect Happiness, Perfect

Freedom, and Perfect Dominion.

When the student once understands that whatsoever he connects himself with

through his attention he becomes a part of to the degree of the intensity with

which his attention is fixed, he will see the importance of keeping his attention off

the seeming destructive angles of human experience, no matter what they are.

To discuss the seeming inability, shortcomings, or faults of your friends and

associates but builds that element upon which your discussion rests within your

own consciousness, and also adds to the appearance which seems to be in the other


Because there are black magicians in the world, certain of God's Children who are

misdirecting and contaminating the Pure Electronic Energy of the "I AM Presence,"

is no reason why we should let our attention rest upon that fact, just because we

are aware of it. Our business is to hold the attention free to rest within our own

are aware of it. Our business is to hold the attention free to rest within our own

Self-control, compelling it by the conscious action to rest on whatsoever we


Few understand that when their attention is called to some destructive thing, how

much and how often they allow the attention to go back to it; or if another

has displeased them in some way, how much and how often the attention returns

to that incident—when they have the full power to control their attention and

make it obey their command.

Few, even among earnest students, yet understand what a mighty power their

faculty of attention becomes under their controlled use.

I wish so much to impress upon the students how foolish it is to be affected,

displeased or disturbed by the imaginary activities of the ignorance of the outer

self. When they once know: " 'I AM' the only All- Powerful acting Presence in my

mind, my body and my world," they cannot possibly be affected or disturbed by

any of their associations in the outer world. They must know then that they are

entirely immune from hurt or disturbance of the outer mind of other individuals,

no matter what they try to do.

With this understanding, or by giving willing attention to this Great Truth, they

will soon find a Peace, Happiness, and Self-control operating about them to such

an extent that no outer condition, disgruntled comment or disturbance of their

associates could in any wise disturb them, their world or their affairs. As soon as

the individual becomes aware that he really has control of his own Creative

thought, power, and feeling, then he knows positively that he can precipitate into

his visible use, or bring into his use from the outer where it is already created,

anything whatsoever upon which he holds his Creative thought and feeling firmly.

The moment that he is truly aware of this, he will know he is forever free from

the need of the wealth of the outer world, or anything that the outer world can

give. Thus has he entered into the Mastery and Dominion of his own world, the

only world that is ever existent to him, and which is his God-given Birthright.

I assure you, there is no such thing as a supernatural world. As we step from this

sphere of activity into another higher, that one becomes just as Real as this is. It is

simply a different state of consciousness we have entered into.

To the joy, glorification and blessing of the mothers, sisters, wives and daughters, I

will say that within one hundred years there will be hundreds who will be able to

use the Cosmic Rays to cleanse their homes and keep them so; to weave their

seamless garments when they will have no desire to follow the freakish styles

created by some commercialized idea.

I find so many of the students wondering how it is that Ascended Beings or

Masters, with all Their Creative Power, often choose to live in humble quarters. I

assure you the explanation is very easy. The far greater part of Their Life and

Activity is spent in the Higher Spheres in which they are directing Mighty Rays of

Light to the Blessing of humanity— from Homes and Temples of Light and Wisdom

so beautiful, so transcendent as almost to stagger the imagination of the outer

consciousness. Those Homes and Temples are Eternal, ever becoming more and

more beautiful. So They only spend a few hours in the visible world, which causes

Them to lower the density of Their Transcendent Forms, that They may become

visible to those yet occupying the physical body. If the students will understand

this, it will save them much questioning and confusion in the outer expression

—which time they can use in the Activity of the "Mighty I AM Presence."

This will bring them into that Transcendent State and consume the longing for the

wealth of the outer world, which is but rubbish in comparison to the transcendent,

Creative Power inherent in every individual. They can bring this Transcendent

Power into their use through their own Self-control and Mastery. I say to you

beloved students, Children of the One God, is it not worth your sincerest effort —

when you know you cannot fail? Take your Scepter of the Mighty Creative Power

and be forever free from all past, binding limitations which have beset mankind

through the ages. I assure you that everyone who enters in to attain this Scepter

through the ages. I assure you that everyone who enters in to attain this Scepter

and Mastery will be given every needed assistance, if each one will try with all his


The one having the understanding of his Creative Ability must know that he can

create whatsoever he will, in whatever rate of vibration he desires to hold it,

whether it be Light, or any other condensation he may choose to maintain it. You

know you have the ability to change your thought from Chicago to New York in

the same instant, and you know you can change your thought from a condition of

Light to one of very dense condensation, such as iron. Then one cannot help but

see that this which he does every moment, consciously and at will, he can bring

into a more powerful use — by consciously fixing the attention and holding it upon

what he desires.

The attention is the channel by which God's Mighty Energy, through thought and

feeling, flows to its directed accomplishment. Because one has not yet precipitated

something from the invisible, there is that lurking doubt, until some simple

manifestation has occurred. Then his courage and confidence leap into dominion,

and in the future he has no trouble in precipitating whatsoever he desires.

The precipitation of gold or jewels from the invisible to the visible is as simple as

breathing, when once that foolish questioning doubt accumulated by the outer is

consumed or pushed aside.

Mankind, through the centuries, has built up these walls of limitation. Now they

must be broken up, shattered and consumed in any way that we can do it. At first

it does take determination to do it, but when you know it is the "I AM Power"

acting, you know It cannot fail. The outer only has to hold the attention fixed on

the object to be made visible. Dwell on this, and all of a sudden you will find

yourself into the activity, and you will be amazed that you dwelt so long without

using it.

The length of the Ray from a precipitated substance or condensation of "Light" is

controlled by the consciousness of the wearer. If the wearer's consciousness is

raised very high, the scintillation is very great.

The "Jewel of Light" is yet in its Transcendent State of Perfection. The jewel in a

condensed substance such as a diamond, emerald, or ruby, naturally will take on

the condition of its wearer. If the rate of thought vibration in the person wearing

it be low, the jewel will become lusterless, while if the thought be transcendent, it

will become very luminous.

When one has become a sincere student reaching to the Light, he must qualify

everything in his environment with the Quality of the "I AM Presence," no matter

what the appearance seems to be. You see, there cannot be a quality or an

appearance in your world except what you give to it. If fear causes you to believe

in a disturbing presence, you are responsible for it, because if there were to be a

disturbing presence and you qualified it by the "I AM Presence," you see how

impossible it would be for it to disturb you. There is only one energy acting, and

the moment you acknowledge the "I AM Presence," you have requalified that

activity with Perfection.

Expectation is a very powerful qualifying consciousness to maintain. Intense

expectation is a splendid thing. It manifests always. The individual, through the

centuries, has created a veil through which he has shut out these Transcendent

Spheres. If he has created it, which he has, then common sense and reason will tell

one that he can un-create it.

A Powerful Radiation has gone forth to yourselves and students with a powerful

conviction that will be sustained—until they have this Work which is given today.

To convey the simplicity, the ease and certainty with which the idea, through

Creative thought and feeling, can be brought into visibility, is a thing the students

should dwell upon. This will dissolve that feeling of "Can I?" and in its place put "I

can" and "I know."

If the students will keep themselves harmonious, from time to time they will have

flashes that will give them all needed confidence. Add to all commands on going

flashes that will give them all needed confidence. Add to all commands on going

out of the body that you retain the conscious memory of whatever you experience.

Stick right to a thing from the start and know that whatever knowledge you need

will be forthcoming instantly.

When you allow the attention to become fixed upon a thing, you that moment give

it power to act in your world.

BENEDICTION: Thou Great Happiness-the Mighty Presence and Power which "I

AM"11 qualify Thee to go forth in the hearts of mankind, anchoring there and filling

their minds, bodies and homes, filling them with Thy Great Happiness. Open the

door of their consciousness so that the Mighty Power which "I AM" can come forth

in Full Perfection. O Mighty Presence! Hold the Children of Light, the

Individualities of God, hold them close in Thy Embrace, letting Thy Quality flow

forth in their command, filling them with Thy Great Peace. O Mighty Presence of

Justice! Enter in and reign in all official places. Let the destructive intent of

mankind be revealed, that it may be cast out and be consumed. Let the Fullness

and Power of Thy Radiant Light enfold all, and Thy Glorious Transcendent Light fill

all places.