Discourse 14

Discourse 14 November 17, 1932



INVOCATION: "I AM" the Joy, the Courage, the Confidence pervading all the earth

—filling the hearts of mankind —consuming all generated thought of depression or

lack in the minds of mankind; and that which has been sent forth through lack of

confidence shall be wiped from the earth.

"I AM" the Presence, the Perfect Christ Activity in the minds of all humanity, filling

all official places, causing It to sustain all personalities, causing them to turn with

quick certainty to the Source of their Being, the Perfect Life manifest in all outer

expression. "I AM" the Presence proclaiming the Conscious Active Divinity in

manifestation everywhere.

This shall be! For " 'I AM' the Supreme Conquering Presence. 'I AM' here and 'I AM'

there. I go everywhere, touching the brains of mankind as with a streak of

Lightning—not with consuming power, but with the 'I AM Presence' that will no

longer be gainsaid." I bring you Greetings, Joy and Love from the Great Host.

It is so wonderful, Beloved Ones, to have such perfect peace and calmness in your

minds these mornings. Oh, could you understand the value of maintaining that

peace of mind! There is nothing that warrants it being disturbed.

Your melodies were beautiful, and wonderful words shall come forth to bless

through the melodies. There is that Great Joy and advancing Conquering Presence

that will bless your home, world, and students with Its Glorifying Presence—with

Its Presence of opulence streaming forth like a mighty river to all who make

themselves worthy by the peace and harmony of mind.


I wish to call your attention this morning to the active Presence of Faith, Hope, and

Charity. In this consideration, we will think of Faith as the Conquering, Emanating

Power; Hope, the open doorway through the veil, acting in the Pure Presence;

Charity, as the determination to think no evil, to speak no evil, see no evil, hear no

evil, feel no evil.

Students should always watch the Inner Activity of the outer mind and not let

themselves be fooled by its action. This may sound like a paradox, but it is not.

This is more important than it seems at first. If there is lurking back in the

consciousness any feeling of resistance of any kind whatsoever, or that something

which is always ready to bristle when something displeases, pluck it out by the

roots. You know it is of the outer, and it will stand in the way of your attainment

to prevent it until you do pluck it out.

To maintain a tranquil, sweet disposition in the face of all things is the certain

road to Self-control and Absolute Mastery. This is much more important than any

of you can possibly understand at this time for your attainment of all that you


There are Cosmic Masters known as Faith, Hope, and Charity. In calling your

attention to these three principles always active in the Life of mankind, I want to

assure you that they are not only qualities within yourselves, but there are Beings

of Great Light and advancement who are also known as Faith, Hope, and Charity.

The individuals and students who make the conscious effort to cultivate these

qualities and consciously expand them in their worlds will find themselves

receiving great Assistance from these Conscious, Mighty Beings—from whose

Names come these qualities into individualization. These are Cosmic, Self-conscious,

Intelligent Beings, whose special action with mankind is to encourage and expand

these qualities. Therefore let all the students understand that this is far more than

a scriptural phrase or expression. At this time these Great Ones have come from

a scriptural phrase or expression. At this time these Great Ones have come from

out the "Cosmic Silence" because of the need of Faith, Hope, and Charity in the

minds and hearts of mankind. The sinister force that would have destroyed the

confidence, the hope, and the charity in the minds of the American people is

doomed to fail utterly. Even now, hundreds who voted for a wet administration are

finding their own uncontrolled thought recoiled upon them and are regretting the

unwisdom of the action. So out of seeming wrong activity will still come great

good. Since the hypnotic force that was generated has spent itself, many of

mankind are wondering what caused them to do certain things; and their very

rebellion will generate the force which will be used to correct conditions after all.

God, which is Progress, knows no defeat in anything. Let students always

remember this, which will enable them to maintain the so much needed peace and

poise of mind.

The Majestic Being "Charity" has a natural Consuming Force for dissolving and

annihilating hate, criticism and condemnation, and uses the Cosmic Rays as a

balancing force in the ethers, from which human beings are drawing their very

breath and sustenance, so in spite of themselves, they are breathing in the Fire of

these Rays.

This reminds me of an illustration. You know, when a person is fainting, many

times you hold the smelling salts or ammonia under that one's nose. This is what is

actually taking place under the nose of humanity. It is now breathing in this

Consuming Presence. (Ask your students not to discuss this fact with unbelievers,

but it is vital that the students understand this.)

Here I want to stress something earnestly. To the earnest, sincere student, there are

innumerable means of assistance available to him, much of which is and will

remain entirely unknown to him, but from which he nevertheless draws—when his

desire for the Light is sincere.

To throw everything to the winds and stand joyously and determinedly in that

"One Mighty Presence which 'I AM,' " enables each one to have a continuous

stream of victories marked down to his or her benefit. No effort ever made in the

"Name and Presence which 'I AM,' " can ever fail; but must go forward from one

Victory to another until one attains and is able to use the Scepter of his Full


I wish to encourage and strengthen the very important advancing consciousness

concerning the Law of Forgiveness. The correct way to call into action the Law of

Forgiveness is to say: " 'I AM' the Law of Forgiveness and the Consuming Flame of

all inharmonious action and human consciousness." This sets into motion the

completed Action.

When you use the statement: "I call on the Law of Forgiveness," you are not always

completing the action, because you need to be conscious of who and where that

Intelligence is which enables it to be done.

As I look among the students, I find that it is important to keep touching

frequently upon the use of the "I AM Presence," for It is doing remarkable things

for them already. My very Being lifts up when I see among the students those

whose attention is held with determination upon the "I AM Presence"; how the

student becomes a powerful magnet for the Light, and how It rushes to envelop

each one as a loving mother enfolds her child. Could people see and realize this for

one moment, their determination would surge into a Conquering Flame from

which there could be no receding.

The time is apropos today, and I send forth to each of you and the students a

Conscious Ball of Light enveloping the heart and brain of each one, that they may

receive more continuously the conscious Blessing of the "Mighty I AM Presence." I

believe that most of them will feel this. Whether they do or not, nothing can

interfere with Its Action to bless them.

To those blessed ones who find disturbance in the home at times, I would suggest

that they use this Statement and feel it deeply: " 'I AM' the Conquering Presence,

commanding Peace, Love and Harmony in my home and environment." Anyone

commanding Peace, Love and Harmony in my home and environment." Anyone

who will use this with determination can have a peaceful, loving, harmonious

atmosphere in the home. Some may need to build a momentum to experience its

continuous action. Many times they will have immediate results. To build this into

the consciousness is recognizing the "I AM Presence" as the Ruling Power in their

homes, for It is naturally the Ruling Presence.

If students and individuals who have difficulty in maintaining Self-control will sit

quietly for five minutes, feeling deeply and thinking to themselves: " 'I AM' Loving

Charity," they will find a sense of great relief.

For fainting: You know, speaking of fainting, the individual never faints—only the

personality does that. Therefore if one who is in the habit of fainting will take this

determined stand: " 'I AM' the Commanding Presence forbidding this nonsense, and

I forever maintain control of my mind and body," he or she will forever control it.

When one first feels the least disturbance, quickly take the consciousness: " 'I AM'

the Commanding Presence, and I maintain my consciousness here." One must

realize that in the command of the "I AM Presence" he has absolute Control of the

body. The more anyone uses this, the more quickly does manifestation take place.

  1. If the Great Central Sun is the Heart Center of the Infinite, where is that which

is the brain center?

  1. In the Pure State, whether in the Infinite or the finite, when there is no

imperfection, the brain and heart activity become One, for the motive power of all

activity sent forth is Love from the Heart.

Therefore, in the Pure State, the heart and brain are synonymous, for within Divine

Love is contained Love, Wisdom and Power.

The Infinite Energy is always present awaiting use, but does not act in the Life of

an individual except under Conscious Command. There does come a time in the

progress of the individual when things act so instantaneously that it seems to be

automatic, but it really never is.

There is absolutely but one road to Self-conscious Mastery, and that is the

Conscious Direction of the Eternal Energy into whatever you desire. Now this

brings us to another quite vital point.

Desire is an indirect action of the attention, but desire, sustained by the

determined use of the attention, causes the desire to become an invincible

manifestation. This will give you a slight idea of how important it is that

conscious direction be coupled with the desire. Conscious use of the "I AM

Presence," or the consciously directed use of this Eternal Energy to a given

accomplishment, should at no time be anything but a most joyous effort. It should

never seem like work or tension in any way, because when you declare: " T AM' the

Presence, the Intelligence, directing this energy to a given purpose," you set the

Law in motion in a perfectly easy, calm manner, and it does not require any

"tearing the hair" effort. Therefore it should always be a calm, serene, determined


The student should at all times understand that the student never chooses the

Master, but the Master chooses the student. Did the student understand what

consciousness he was to maintain, it would come about very much sooner. For

contacting the Ascended Masters, use: " 'I AM' the Presence preparing the way and

bringing visible contact with the Beloved Ascended Masters."

With the use of the "I AM Presence" you have Full Command and Limitless Control

over all disturbing conditions. When you speak in the "I AM Presence," you are

speaking in the "Presence" which the Ascended Being is. You must realize deeply

that when you say "I AM," it is the Full God-Power acting and knows no failure of

any kind.

BENEDICTION: We give praise and thanks for Thy Infinite Outpouring, "Great I AM

Presence." We give praise and thanks that at last, we know who Thou art, and that

within Thee are all possibilities. We give praise and thanks that Thy Mighty

Presence is always the Governing Intelligence, the Love enfolding, the Light

Presence is always the Governing Intelligence, the Love enfolding, the Light

illumining everything on the way.