Discourse 19

Discourse 19 December 05, 1932


INVOCATION: Thou Majestic Presence of the Ascended Jesus Christ! Thou Who hast

gained Thy Eternal Dominion over all things, Thou Who dost rest serene in the

Heart of the Eternal Father, pouring forth Thy Wondrous Radiance, enfolding all

mankind! We give praise and thanks to Thee. Our hearts fill with great rejoicing

that the Ascended Host with Thee see and manipulate the dawning, Eternal Light

for the Blessing of humanity.

Through His own Personal Ray, Jesus will now speak His Wish to the students:


When I said: " 'I AM' the Open Door which no man may shut," I meant humanity to

understand, I referred to the "Great I AM," which is the Life of every individual

manifest in form. I did not wish to convey that the personal Jesus was the only one

to whom this great privilege was ordained. Each one of you beloved children of the

One Father has the same Mighty Presence within you, the "Great I AM," that I have,

and that I had at that time, by which I achieved the Final and Eternal Victory.

Here I wish you to understand for encouragement, strength, and certainty in your

minds, that the Consciousness I used for this Great Victory was the use of the "I

AM Presence" which you are being taught. I had made search through all the

avenues available at that time, and at last the determination and desire for the

Truth led Me to the Great Master whom you shall one day know. He gave to Me

this Inner Secret and Mighty Acknowledgment, turning Me to that "Mighty

Presence, the 'Great I AM.' " Through His Radiation, I was able to comprehend, and

at once begin using It. This is the only way by which any individualization of the

Ray of God may achieve the Eternal Victory and build his structure upon a firm

foundation from which no outer activity can ever disturb him.

At this time I wish to convey the simple, all-powerful use of this Presence to you.

All who have achieved the Mighty Victory and who have been able to raise their

bodies as I did, or who raised them before, have used the conscious activity of that

"Mighty, Eternal Presence-'I AM.' "

When I said to My Disciples and to humanity: "The things that I have done shall ye

do also, and even greater things shall ye do," I knew whereof I spoke, knowing that

within each individualization, or Child of God, there was this "Mighty I AM

Presence" by whose use you are impelled forward with no uncertainty. I say,

"impelled," because I mean just that.

The constant use of your "I AM Presence" does impel you forward in spite of any

activity of the outer self. So long as this single Idea is held firmly, storms, distress

and disturbance may rage about you, but in the Consciousness of the "I AM

Presence," you can and are able to stand serene, unmoved by the seething vortex of

human creation which may or may not be about you.

There is but one way by which you and the Father may become eternally one, and

that is through the full acceptance of His "I AM Presence," Energy, Love, Wisdom

and Power which He has given you—golden links, golden steps, by which you climb

serenely upward into your final Achievement.

Sometime, somewhere, every individualization of God the Father, must find his

way back to the Father through his "I AM Presence," fulfilling his cycle or cycles of

individualizations in the use of the activity of the outer self. The earth is the only

sphere in which there is the density of the atomic structure that you experience.

The conscious recognition and use of the "I AM Presence," which you are, steadily

raises the vibratory action of your atomic structure, unclothing and liberating the

Electronic Activity which is hidden within the atom, enabling you to become Selfluminous


I wish it here distinctly understood by all who may receive this or ever contact it,

I wish it here distinctly understood by all who may receive this or ever contact it,

that I am not and never was a Special Being created of God different from the rest

of humanity! It is true that I had made previous conscious effort and had attained

much previous to the embodiment in which I won the Eternal Victory. My choice

of experience two thousand years ago was to set the example which every

individualization of God would and must sooner or later follow.

How I urge you, Beloved Children of God, to look upon Me as your Elder Brother

—one with you. When I said, or left the Word that: " 'I AM' with you always," the "I

AM Presence," which "I AM" and which you are is One. Therefore, do you not see

how " 'I AM' with you always"? Think deeply on this and try to feel its Reality.

At the time and after My Ascension, I saw the immensity of the Radiation I would

be able to pour forth to My beloved brothers and sisters upon the earth from the

Sphere in which I had become fitted to dwell. I wish to say to you in all Truth:

every individual who will send his conscious thought to Me with the desire to be

raised above the limitations of earth or of his own creation, and will live

accordingly, will receive every Assistance from Me that is possible to be given—

according to the steps of growth in consciousness which he attains from time to


Do not misunderstand Me at this point: when I refer to growth, I am speaking of

humanity in general. I do not refer to some who have previous attainment

sufficient which, in their present use and full acceptance of their "I AM Presence,"

they may rend the veil of human creation and step forth into the "Embrace of the

Ascended, Blazing 'I AM Presence' " at any time. There are some in the group of

students already drawn together for whom it is possible to do this. That depends

entirely upon themselves—upon the calm, poised intensity by which they become

conscious of their "I AM Presence."

These great tidings I bring to you because I proved them in My own personal


Before I became fully decided in what manner I should leave the example to

humanity, I suddenly, from an Inner Impulse, began to use the Statement: " 'I AM'

the Resurrection and the Life." Within forty- eight hours after I began using that

Statement, with great rejoicing, I saw what was to be done; and I wish to assure

you that it was the conscious use of the Mighty Statement: " 'I AM' the

Resurrection and the Life" which enabled me to make the Ascension in the

presence of so many; and imprint, or record upon the etheric records, that

Example for all humanity which will stand eternally present.

It was unfortunate that the veil of the orthodox idea was drawn over the minds of

the people, preventing the comprehension that each one had within himself the "I

AM Presence" —the same as I had—by which he could attain, do the same things I

did, and win the Eternal Victory.

Such, Beloved Students, is My Personal Message I leave with you, spoken through

the Light and Sound Ray into which any of you may enter, see, and hear with

sufficient conscious preparation.

Again, I urge you to think of Me as your Elder Brother, ready to give you Assistance

at all times. Do not think of Me as a Transcendent Being so far beyond your reach

that contact is impossible; for the "I AM Presence" which enabled Me to make the

Ascension is the same "I AM Presence" that will enable you to make the Ascension

as I did; only today, you have the Assistance of the Great Ascended Host of Beings

who have won the Eternal Victory and joyously stand at your service as you make

yourselves ready.

With My Love I enfold you. I again repeat: " 'I AM' with you always."

Saint Germain: "Did I not have a surprise for you?"

BENEDICTION: Into the fullness of Thy Mighty Silence, O Great Presence, we come

to rest, to feel Thy Peace, to love Thy Harmony pervading all. O Mighty Love

Presence which beats the hearts of all mankind, strengthen Thyself within their

hearts; draw and hold their conscious attention upon Thee, the "Great Love Star" in

hearts; draw and hold their conscious attention upon Thee, the "Great Love Star" in

the heart of each one; glorify Thy Presence and Thy Creator in them; bless all

mankind with that strength to look only to Thee, and to stand steadfast facing


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